Question: Hooking up car woofer to home receiver


Hi, I'm going to set up an entertainment system in someone's basement. He has a 15" subwoofer in a sealed box that he wants to hook up to the receiver, which will be getting sound from TV/VCR/DVD/CD. The subwoofer works fine, it was in his car but he changed cars and this one doesn't fit his new one. We HAVEN'T bought a receiver yet, and I'm wondering what specifically I should look for on the receiver to make hooking up the subwoofer possible. I know it can be done...back in college my friend did this very thing but I don't know how he did it and I want to be sure before we go ahead with the project.

You need a receiver with a line-level subwoofer output jack (most do, but check) and an amplifier to driver the sub.
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