Repair of Kenwood KA-907 Integrated Amp [circu 1980]


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I'm hoping to find a way to repair a Kenwood KA-907 Integrated Amp. The amp had been working flawlessly until I hooked a an old reel-to-reel and moved a switch position [turning on/off on reel unit]. I did take it to a repair shop and was told it had leaked "electrolytic" fluid on the lower board and was not repairable. I don't know whether to take the repair shop at their word or not. I looked inside the amp and didn't see anything that looked awry. Any thoughts or suggestions? I would love to repair the unit. I'm new to trying to repair electronics and I find it fascinating. Any other suggestions?

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If you can't see any evidence of leakage as they said then maybe it's worth taking it somewhere else for evaluation. I once took a cd player somewhere and they said it was beyond salvation but then another chap repaired it for twenty smackers. Always best to get a second opinion, just like with doctors! Maybe contact Kenwood as a last resort and ask them for the number of their nearest repair centre.

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Sorry, if you're wanting to repair it yourself then it's a bit of a nightmare unless you know specifically what's wrong with it. You'd almost certainly need the service diagram for it which would give you all the readings required from each section and then you could check if you have the right equipment. I'm quite good with electronics but I'd be useless at repairing my tv or something complex! I'd say if it was something simple the guys you took it to would have fixed it. With anything complex, if you've never attempted similar with any success I'd say your chances are slim. But hey, maybe you're a budding genius! If so, I've a few items I could ship your way!


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Please be aware the electrolytic caps the shop referred to are probably part of the power supply. It is not at all uncommon for a cap to leak after twenty years of use. Capacitors are storage devices. In the case of the power supply they are located at a point in the amp where dangerous voltages exist. Capacitors will store and hold this voltage until they are discharged. Discharging a power supply cap is a matter of knowing how to do it safely or sticking your screwdriver across the terminals and you become the ground path. If you are holding the probe in your right hand and your left hand is touching a ground point, the path of the discharge will be through your heart.

IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT OR HOW TO SAFELY HANDLE WHAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU - KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF THE UNIT! You can kill yourself for the cost of a twenty year old amplifier.


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If you have a KA-907 do anything to get it fixed, best amplifier ever made!!!!!
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