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Steve McKenna
I'm thinking about buying a NAD T762 a/v. Does anyone have a recommendation for speakers for a 6.1 surround sound set up? Also, any opinions on a good quality DVD player to get the most out of the NAD?

Thanks in advance,


What is your budget and what size room do you have?

Steve McKenna
The size of my room is 12x18 feet. In the future I want to move to a larger place so I want the speakers to be suitable for a small to mid size room.

As for the budget, I was thinking around $1200 for the speakers. One option might be B&W VM1 speakers and a AS1 subwoofer due to the compactness and sound quality.

I'm not sure about the DVD player. I want a progressive scan player to get the best of 720 or HDTV type mointors. However, I need to have good quality sound from the DVD source as I will be using it quite a lot of the time as an audio player.

Thanks in advance for any comments.


12 x 18 is a good size room and we don't need to go real large to get great sound. I can't get into the B+W website to remind myself what the VM1s are, but B+W would be a very good brand to buy with the 762. Check out the 600 line, as well.

Also good are NHT, PSB and Paradigm--each of which have HT packages that can be had for your price range. I am unsure of your budget, that is, do you mean $1200 for all speakers or just the front mains and a sub? If just the front mains and a sub, $1200 will get you some real quality. But either way, you can get something very nice for that amount of money

As far as a DVD player, I would get an NAD T532, since you are getting an NAD receiver. The 532 has gotten very good reviews in Europe and is reasonably priced. Again, the sound is top drawer (an NAD tradition). You might also look for a Sony NS755V. I got one and it does real well, and it is also a SACD player, to boot. They are closing it out with a model year change, so I have seen it for as little as $149, but you would have to act fast.

Steve McKenna
Thanks Hawk for the feedback. It's appreicated. By the way it was $1200 for all the speakers.

As for the DVD I was looking at the Sony that you mentioned but I'll have look at the NAD.

Thanks again,



Try going to the DMC Electronics website (www.dmc-electronics.com) for some PSB HT packages. I did some quick math and I think I have a system for you, but you would have to go listen to it to see if it satisfies you. I still can't get into the B+W website, so I have only looked at two other brands. Nonetheless, this is in your budget:

Mains: PSB Image 4Ts $ 399
Center: PSB 9C $ 269
Rears: PSB Image 2Bs $ 249
Sub: PSB Subwwofer 5 $ 295

Total: $1212

Also, I have priced an NHT system from another dealer for you, just as an illustration:

Mains: NHT SB-2s $ 325
Center: NHT Center $ 235
Rears: NHT SB-1s $ 235
Sub: NHT SW10II $ 395

Total: $1190

I think they are both very good systems and you should try them out as they will sound very different from one another. But this should give you an idea of what you can pull together for your budget.

I hope this helps. . .

Steve McKenna
Thanks Hawk. I'll see if there are places around here where I can audition those speakers.
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