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I'm using a Denon 3804 and DVD 2200, but this should apply to any setup: the DVD player has speaker size, level, and delay options for DVD-A and SACD (no delay for SACD though) and so does the receiver. They're connected via both analog and digital. Should I apply ANY delay / level / speaker size to the DVD player? or should I just let it output full band with no changes and let the receiver do the delay and the filtering between speakers and sub? If I apply the above to the DVD, is it being delayed twice?

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You need to set the speaker size, level, and delays in your DVD player for listening to DVD-A and SACD. The signal from these high-res sources is outputted from the DVD player to receiver through the analog connection. You won't be able to use the receiver's bass management functions with the analog signal, unless you convert the signal back to digital, which would degrade the sound.

When you watch DVD-V, the signal should pass to the receiver via the digital connection. There would be no doubling of delay even if you have the delay set on the DVD player for DVD-A and SACD.

Hope this answers your question.

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Makes perfect sense. And matches the response I got from the Denon people. The DVD's analog out (mostly used for SACD, DVD-A, but can also be used anytime) are where the DVD's bass management comes in, and the receiver's doesn't. and vice versa, the digital out of the DVD is not affected by its own base management, but rather only by the receiver's.

Thanks for the response!

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Glad to help. You're right about being able to use the analog out anytime, even with regular DVDs. It's only my own preference to use the digital out of my Denon player and let my NAD receiver do the digital-analog conversion for DVD-V.

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Yariv, 2c,

That is all correct. The explanation is that speaker size, level, and delay is all done digitally. Once you have gone through the DAC, then the correct analogue output, whether produced in the player or in the pre-amp/processor stage of receiver, should go on to the power amp with no further messing about.

While DVD-A and SACD output has to be processed in the player, DVD-V can be, too. On my system, all "Dolby Digital" is miles better if I give the processing job to the DVD-player. You can tell the difference just by switching between a digital and an analogue audio input on the receiver.
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