Best AVR to use as a Preamp


Appreciate a bit of help...I have already decided on an outlaw 7 channel amp and KEF KHT 2005 sub/sat. I would like to pair it with a receiver (to use as a preamp) for under $1000...sound quality is paramount, features and flexibility are secondary...

Can anyone offer me advice as to the best receiver for this purpose?

Just wondering---why would you buy a receiver instead of an A/V Preamp, when you already have a 7 channel amp?

If I were you I would get the Outlaw 950 A/V preamp for under $900. It certainly is miles better than the preamp section of any receiver at $1,000.

It may not have quite the panache as the Anthem 20 or Aragon--but then again it is over $2000 cheaper. And seriously, you aren't giving up much sonically---just in beauty and the amazing build quality those "A" names have.

I would agree with G-Man. Not only does Outlaw offer a great amp, their 950 pre/pro is better than almost any receiver in the under $1K price range. Besides, if you buy both the 950 and an Outlaw amp, they cut thr price another $100. Get an Outlaw!

So you are saying that the Outlaw Model 950 PreAmp and say the Outlaw Model 7100 or Model 755 Amp would be all you need? My understanding is that you need a A/V Preamp in order to have a subwoofer input. Is this correct

Perhaps I wasn't clear. The Outlaw 950 is an A/V Preamp (also referred to as a pre/pro).
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