Separate b&k 125.7 amp or NAD T762 ?


1. What are your pros and cons about the sound quality of the b&k 125.7 vs NAD T762 ?

2. Are there other alternatives to the two selections above?

Please post your comments.

What speakers are you driving?

m&k 750THX 4ohm amp ~ 50-200 watts according to mfg specs. Thanks

Any comments please?

Does anyone know if the b&k 125.7 amp can product better sound than he b&k avr-307 receiver? I hope the separate amp will sound beter than its receceiver but I am not sure. Anyone has experience with this comparation?


How would they rate the NAD brand vs B&K brand? Which one is rated in higher quality?

I have had real trouble trying to give you a response. You are really comparing apples to oranges here. The B&K is a seven channel separate amp and the 762 is a six channel receiver. What are you going to use for a pre-amp?

I have not heard a B&K avr-307 receiver, so I can't comment on it. One thing that is true about both NAD and B&K is that they are trying to bring the best sound possible--they don't build to price points.

The best way is for you to get one of these products to try out with your speakers in your home. See if you like the sound. Then get the other one the following weekend and see if you like it better, the same, or less. I like both product lines a lot and if I had the money, I would have either one and be very happy with it.

In general, the NAD brand suffered from some problems in their previous generation of HT receivers, but they seem to have solved them. So right now, B&K would be the better brand, but since B&K products generally run about twice the cost of the NADs, that is to be expected. So I would try them both out and see which one you like better. Then, give us a review!

Hawk, thanks for the comments.
I don't have the option to try either one yet. I am going to look for an old separate 6 channel amp such as b&k AV6000 Series II to pair with my AVR-3802 denon receiver as preamp. Then if things aren't good enough for me I'll look for either better amp or better pre/proc. Maybe my next step (if still not satisfy) is to get the NAD T762 then I can really see the difference before going for a separate pre/proc or other amp.


Hey, if you already have the Denon 3802, why don't you use it as your pre/pro and try an Outlaw amp ( with it. I have wanted one for over a year and they now have a new seven channel amp out, the Model 7100, which is 125 wpc (x 7!). It is only $899 and you get a free in-home trial to see if you like it. So, no risk to you and you can hear for yourself in your own home. If there is any major improvement in sound, you will know it. I will bet that you will really love it.

I have a Denon myself and I think the amp section can be a little on the "dry" side, but the Outlaw amps are much less sterile sounding and are warmer, fuller, and richer in sound. I really think you would like it, but if you don't you can always send it back for a full refund.

Just a thought . . .
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