What is everyone's opinion on Denons AL24 Processing? I notice a lot of Denon bashing on this board when it comes to 2 Channel Stereo when listening to music. It looks as though only Denon utilizes this technology, and it seems to reproduce sound as it was meant to. Why isn't this a factor in choosing a great receiver that doesn't sacrifice the music? More proof why Denon is a top of the line product. All opinions welcomed. http://denon.jp/europe/faq_alp.html

Nice article. I have two Denons but never listen to Stereo so I can't say. My days of plain old Stereo are over.

It appears Denon is doing some type of oversampling or noise shaping. Int's interesting that they are producing various segments of the sine wave and not simply interpilating the waveform. Various manufactures have found ways to get usable music at or below the LSB. Bob Carver used to do this with dither and Matsushita (Panasonic/Technics) 1 bit and Merridian have found other ways.

You are going to need a very quiet live recording CD and some very revieling speakers to hear the difference. There is also a test called "Monalticity" (I think) on the original CBS Test CD that makes this very easy to hear.

Like I said, I own two of these things but it doesn't sound like anything special that other manufacturers aren't doing. Even soundcard manufacturer Creative Labs was doing this ten years ago.

Hope this helps.


I have a Denon as well, and I am particularly unimpressed with all of these technical papers these audio companies want to put out to show their technical prowess. Yamaha did one several years ago for their ToP-Art circuitry, but believe me it did nothing good for the sound. Frankly, I think it is all marketing hype, nothing more. If anything, I think stereo is a weakness of the Denon brand--it is much more suited to HT applications.

As further proof, you don't see the makers of separates running out to change their product to adopt some circuit topology touted by Yamaha or Denon. And no one who can hear would question the superiority of the sound of quality separates.

My 2 cents worth.
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