Y- Connector on Subwoofers???? Pleae help..............


I have a JBL PB-10 with connections to my Receiver (Sub Out).

The sub has both L and R input.

Would it be better to use a Y - connector and use both signals or just use 1 channel?

If so or if not, why? Please explain in detail.

Many Many Thanks,


I would stick with the single connection. SOME receivers MAY be loaded down by driving both pairs of inputs. This MIGHT change its frequency response or cause that line-out to clip early. The only reson you would want to connect them both is if you have the sub all the way up and it's not loud enough. In that case you don't have much choice.

may i know what is the difference between dts and dolby digital

I have connected AVR-3802 to my mains Deftech BP2006TL which has built-in active sub-woofer (250 wts). This is in addition to the bose AM-15 that I have. Can I use a Y connector on my receiver to connect both the subwoofers. (Bose AM 15 & BP2006TL L+R). Or should I leave the low frequencies to Bose sub. Also please let me know the crossover freq..I have 3 settings 50/80/120. Which would be the best

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Usually, you'll get better SPLs when using the
Y connector to both the L & R connections on the
sub, instead of just using a single cable to the
R input.

I use the Y connector with my Paradigm PW-2200,
as it gives me 6 db greater output. This is being
run from a Marantz SR6300 receiver.

But, you should try both and see what works best
for your situation and electronics.

Hope that helps!


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I was curious myself, looking forward to the delivery of my new SVS PB2+!. Tom of SVS gives me this insight. Thanks Tom.

Hope this helps:

Using a Y splitter into both inputs on a subwoofer amp can sometimes
increase the amount of input voltage the input gain stage of the amplifier
will see. This can increase the bass levels slightly. However, the same
increase could have been achieved by just boosting the receiver's bass level
control a dB or two. In other words, under normal conditions, using a Y
splitter won't hurt and it won't help.

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MichaelSLB a ?,

I also have the pw2200 sub and after watching any DVD or movie the back of my pw2200 is extremely hot on the back plate. Is this normal? Does this happen to your pw2200?

why push your amp harder when you cam just put the y splitter on the sub it does not make much sense that is what the things are made for so use them :-)

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Ultralink SUB-Y/2M Subsonix Subwoofer Interconnect.

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