Disturbing NAD T752 review


I want a NAD T742. Especially after hearing it.
However, I found the following review of the T752 on the web.
Please read and give me your feedback.
This guy was in UK or EU somewhere. I am in USA.


quote follows...

Apr 24 '03

Very smooth and warm sound.

Static noise when switching between sources, Peak noise through rca outputs.

The Bottom Line
The NAD T751 showed me major problems. I'm having an excellent experience with Rotel products. Rotel seem to still be built to last, and it's absolutely precise and musical.

Full Review
Excuse my bad english writing, my first language is french.

I really care about the quality of sounding for any audio product I buy. So I decided to bring my main speakers to the store that have up-market receivers. There, I tried my speakers in stereo (no suround) with Rotel, Nakamichi, and NAD. I also heard Marranz entry level series, Harman Kardon, and Kenwood. Me and my girlfrienf felt in love with the smoothness of NAD's sounding, this, even at very high level listening.

So I bought a T760 DTS AC-3 receiver, but when arrived at home, bad surprises came with the NAD.

In stereo mode (two speakers only) it was perfect, but, many problems ocured when i used the decoder AC-3 DTS or EARS (virtual5.1 for stereo inputs).

First I was surprise to ear a static noise through my speakers when I turned on and off the receiver, and when I switched between the sources.

Second, the signal to noise, when not listened on stereo mode, was so bad, I decided to get the T760 back to the store. Cause i did have bought the last receiver of this serie, I had to pay some two hundred dollars more to get the new model, the T751.

The T760 probably had an unusual problem with the digital converter but it bothered us to have to get it back to the store.

And now I still have problems with static noise when I use the T751. I have no more problem with the signal noise on 5.1 modes but new problems have been found with this T751;

When I turned off my T751 a discharge of static noise can be heard from speakers and this is so loud, the power amplifier of my subwoofer get to overload and its protection cut the outputs of the amp section. The misfortune, is that this cutting process hasen't been fast enough to protect my speaker. The voice coil inside the woofer hit the back plate of the basket frame and broke the speaker ! Now I MUST NEVER turn the NAD off, what is not a bad idea cause it will keep the electronic warm for good listening. But, if there's an electricity breakdown at home, or somebody turn your NAD off, then you can have your speaker blow off if they are not protected.

I went back to the store and the salesman said to me: turn your power amplifier off before to turn the NAD off, or buy a powered subwoofer that have a faster cut off of RCA input. I am still not satisfied with this answer.

This adventure cost me lot and I can only think that NAD products aren't still quality products as they were in the nineteen nineties.

Finally the store accept to get back the T751. Actually I owned a Rotel RSX-972. It is a robust receiver. So, after almost a year of problems, I finally find back my pleasure to listen to music.

I will neither think of buying another NAD product or suggest somebody to buy one. Instead, look for Rotel, Nakamichi, Arcam or, if you like the crystal sound, and have warm speakers go try Denon. Rotel seem to be built to last. Compared to Nad the rotel have a sound less warm, more natural, more detailed, and have a bit better soundstage depth !


Amount Paid (US$): 700

I also found another neg review;


sorry - that was a T751...

my bad.

Still, has anyone experienced negative issues with NAD products?



As far as I know, the NAD T751 and T761 received many negative reviews, however, I didn't hear any bad review so far about the newer T742, T752 and T762.

In fact, I own a T742 and I am very happy with it. It is true that when you change the source, there is a "click" sound, but how often do you change a source? 10 times per minute? For me, it is not a problem.

In my opinion, the new line of NAD receiver did improved and overcome many previous problems. If you really want good sounding music, I highly recommand you to go for NAD.

Before I upgrade to NAD, I was using a cheap SONY receiver. When I first connected the NAD to my old speakers, I am shocked for what a receiver can do so much diffirence!

If I were you, I will give NAD a shot.

BTW, if Saturday Audio still having sale on T742, it should be $449 only. You may want to check it out.

While it is true that the earlier generation of NAD receivers (i.e., the 751) were plagued with problems, NAD seems to have sorted them all out. The NAD xx2 receivers have been getting very good reviews. In fact, one British or Australian (can't remember which) review I came across stated that the NAD 752 was the same receiver under its skin as the Arcam 200, which has been very highly praised (and the NAD costs about $400US less).

If you liked the 742, I say you should get it. I heard a 742 head to head in a demonstration done by a local dealer. Even though rated at only 50 watts per channel (x 5), the NAD was competing against a Harman Kardon 325, a Denon 2803, and an Onkyo 700. The other receivers were all rated much higher in power (the onkyo was rated as 100 wpc), but the NAD clearly had more power and presentation than any of the others. More importantly, when playing back digitally encoded source material (DVDs, CDs, etc.), the NAD was crystal clear on things like background dialogue that was either muddled or totally missing when played back by the other receivers. I think you should understand that the preamp/processor section of the 742 is the same one used in the 752 and 762 receives, so it is a really high quality unit. This is not what other makers do--they cheapen their products as they go down in price.

At the demonstration I just described, I got to play with the 742 a bit and there were no problems with popping noises when switching sources or any other problems I could detect. I think it is a great product and the sound is absolutely wonderful.

Yes, I had seen your old post on the sale at SatAudio and yes the sale is still on. I had my hand on the phone ready to buy it...
Hawk also gives his nod to the NAD. :) Everything is ok with your T742? Did you mail order it from them? How is Saturday Audio's customer service? Is warranty ok with mail order from them?
I just got B&W CM2 speakers and I have them hooked up to an older Yamaha RX-V590. Music sounds harsh with this receiver. The CM2's do not sound like they did in the showroom w/Rotel. I have not tried these speakers with NAD but I am thinking this could be the ticket.


Yamahas are harsh sounding and a poor match for your CM2s, which is a truly delightful speaker. Go with the NAD--the price quoted by TWN is very appealing and I must admit my Denon's days are numbered here, especially for that price!

BTW, I have heard an NAD against a Rotel--if you thought the Rotel sounded good with your CM2s, you will really appreciate the NAD. I thought it sounded better than the Rotel, which I found to be a bit too delicate. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the Rotel, but the NAD was my favorite. The NAD has all of the same detail, but much more authority in its presentation.


I ordered my NAD by phone and Saturday Audio is a great seller. Also, they are authorized NAD dealer.

I just checked their website, if you buy the NAD DVD player together, you can get another 100 discount!

I got my NAD the second day after they charged my credit card, though I live close enough to Chicago. The shipping cost is only 13.xx for me.

For the sound quality, I believe that you will be happy with the NAD and your speakers. I upgraded my speakers to Polk Lsi9 and this combination is very nice. Well, at least for me. :)

I have 2 friends with non-surround sound NAD C370 amplifiers and from what I have seen and heard the C370 ROCKS......but.......

10 days ago I visited a very reputable local HiFi/Home Theatre business to listen to the new NAD T762. I listened to the T762 and its less expensive brother the T752.

After returning for various listening sessions with my own CD's I forked out the A$1700.00 cash for the T752 (At A$2300.00, the T762 was a little more than I wanted to spend).

Anyway, in the last 10 days I seem to have had nothing but problems with the T752......please read on.

I have returned to the store twice and the store has changed the T752 over for me twice !!!!!

I have encountered the following problems with 2 different T752's, and the 3rd one I have now I am returning for the same reasons. Please read on.

The first T752 I took home with joy and glee......but soon struck the following problems.....

a) The On-Screen Display (OSD) setup menu where configuration of channels/speaker settings etc is done would not stop flickering in the same way as when a TV is incorrectly tuned and the picture flashes up and down on screen.

This meant there was no way speaker settings or other configuration could be done.

The very interesting thing with this was when the amp had been left powered on and idle for about 20 to 30 minutes, it seemed to warm up a little, the OSD stopped flashing up and down and I was able to configure it.......What the ?????

I tried the same process over the next 2 days or so.......same thing each time....turn the amp on flickering OSD.....OK when warm.....turn the amp off....wait an hour or so until it cooled down.....turn the amp on.....OSD was all over the place.

At this stage I changed 2 different S-Video cables thinking it might be my TV....nope !

b) During surround channel configuration the amp does an auotmatic test of each channel/speaker. The test revealed I needed to set the decibel (dB) level of the Left Front channel to +8dB while leaving the Right Front channel at 0dB for both channels to sound at balance. Surely this is a little strange I said to myself.....anyway onward I went.

c) After configuring all speaker settings I sat down to listen/watch one of my favorite DVD's:Gladiator.

It was during this first DVD that I began to notice a continuous "hissing" being emitted from the Front channels while in ALL surround sound modes. This became louder as the volume control was increased, and at one point increasing the volume began to cause another electronic "clicking" noise over the top of the continuous "hissing".......mmmmmm getting better.

I stopped Gladiator and inserted another DVD - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with original non-surround sound track.

Same thing.....continuous "hissing" and electronic "clicking" as I increased the volume.

I then went on to listen to various tracks from 4 different audio CD's with the amp set at standard "stereo" mode.....same thing...."hissing" and "clicking"

Not good.

I called the store and the Manager (who is also the owner) told me how perform a "hardware reset" of the T752's BIOS/Firmware. I performed the reset but at that stage the amp totally locked up and the only way I could get it back working was to turn it off at the front switch !!!!!

Tried this twice and the same thing each time. When I finally managed to get the amp back working the same old "hissing" and "clicking" returned right on time !

I returned NAD T752 nunber 1 to the stores and told the Manager there was a problem. After a quick listen/look he agreed and we tried listening to NAD T752 number 2.......before we could even setup/configure NAD number 2 the ruddy On-Screen Display didn't work (no display whatsoever).....T752 bumber 2 was D.O.A....what luck we were having !

OK.....NAD T752 number 3...OSD display is fine...we setup/configured it for surround sound and watched/listened to parts of numerous CD's and DVD's over a couple of hours without any problems.

Home ND Number 3 came.......it is now Sunday evening (I have had number 3 for nearly 4 days) and it has been doing EXACTLY the same as NAD number 1......."hissing" and "clicking" for about 8 hours.


I am taking NAD number 3 back tommorrow for a chat with the owner and a refund on something else.

If I can add one last comment before I send you all to sleep.....

I iterate that 2 of my closet friends have non-surround sound NAD C370 amps and I believe they are GREAT....I am not so sure about T752's !

Jury's out.......

John Allen
Chingachgook, Anonymous,

Like Hawk I have been recommending NAD, and from my own experience. I have an NAD 100 stereo pre-amp that has run faultlessly for eleven years, a new T532 DVD player (early this year) and most recently a used T760 from around 2000, with none of the problems you describe at all. Except the OSD display flickers when placed on top of a video signal. I don't mind, I only use it for setting up and that is very rarely. The OSD "user interface" is crude but effective. I don't mind, I use it for 5 minutes a month and would rather spend money on sound.

Sorry to hear this. I'll think and see if I can suggest something. Taking out a speaker is serious. What do the dealers have to say? I would contact NAD, myself. I wonder whether they respond. Good manufacturers do. Their reputation is on the line.

I've read the "neg review" of the T751 and it would not sway me, that writer wants features I don't need. Your stories are far more serious.

I have seen new NAD T752's priced at $725 from elegantaudiovideo.com Refurbs from yawaonline.com that have the same warranty have been available at $599.

I have seen new T762's at $1025 and some demo-type units at $929 at Audiogon.com

NAD has had a history of having both excellent products and clinkers. But there is no doubt it is frustrating when you end up with a lemon from any manufacturer.


The poster with the problem 752 appears to me to be from either Australia or New Zealand, probably the latter, judging by the price paid. It also appears to me that these 752s have are the early models without the chip upgrade that fixed the software bug that was causing noise in the pre/pro section. I think he has a bad dealer.

After hearing about some of the quality problems with the earlier NAD T series I waited for the T752. Then I seriously auditioned against similar models in Yamaha, Denon, and Onkyo. No doubt but the NAD had it in musicality and simplicity. Had it now since March and it has been a revalation and joy. Great on movies and music. Mostly don't bother with the different music surrounds (neo, ears etc) just stick with dolby, DTS or stereo. Just wonderful, makes my old B&W DM110's, LCR600 S3 centre, an Mission rears sing (will even get better when I can afford to upgrade the rears). However, do use a good dvd player (Pioneer) and cd player for best results. Remote is a beauty, fully programmable. Only draw back, NAD's cooling fan can cut in and may be just heard in quiter passages but soon cuts out. Bought here in Hobart, Tasmania.

John A.
I have only good things to say about NAD receivers, and agree with Bill MacD. A revelation. That is my experience. Except I have never heard the fan cut in. Also, I find Ears does a really great job if you need convincing surround sound for movies from stereo video tapes.

I have a NAD T751 receiver and have had no problems with it for over 2 years, until probably a month from today when I turned it on and this awful digital distorted noice came out of my speakers.

This noice could be heard at video input 1, 2, 4, 5 and cd input, then when it gets warm it's all fine and quiet.

Now this irritating noice is on every channel, even when i use the digital inputs, does anyone else have this problem? I asked the swedish hifi club were I bought it and they hadn't heard of the problem before.

Chingachgook, - just a FYI

I also have CM2s and I love them. They were my first step in getting a better audio system at home and they were a vast improvement even when played in my old Marantz SR-63 receiver. I quickly followed with the Rotel 1055 AV reciever, a CMC center channel, ASW-675 sub, and B&W 601s for surround and a Rotel RCD-1070 CD player. I am extremely happy with my CM2s for movies and especially music and the sub is subtle enough to cover the low end the little CM2s shouldn't be expected to deliver - I tried many subs until the 675 - it was far more responsive and musical, though I am sure there are other good subs to match up as well.

I'm sure a NAD AV receiver would be worth listening to, but I am too afraid to do that now (i have had the Rotel for 5 months and plus there are no NAD dealers in my area), though some day I plan to have a dedicated 2 channel set up for music and will give NAD a serious listen when the time comes.

Any way, the point of all this, is don't sell your CM2s short - get the right amp and source and you will not look back. Friends of mine (whose snobby little comments pushed me into this buying frenzy) are now drooling with envy - my CM2s out perform their Paradigm Studios in tone, sound stage and clarity - it is no contest whatsoever. If bass is an issue, I have that covered as well with the sub. Good luck!

I read the problems that some of the writers have with their NAD Amplifier.

I have a T752 Amp
My self I also encountered problems. Clicking when increasing the volume or when being in the On display menu.

Another problem, the same as I had with the T751 (I desparately changed this for T752 after having encountered many problems, broken 5 channel sound, noise, not working remote control etc.) is a constant noise through the speaker when selecting audio channels. This noise is so loud that you can hear it at 3 meters distance when the music is switched of. Even my old cheap Kenwood amplifier does not have this.

I love the sound of the T752 but all these problems....

Håkon Bakken
Same problems with my NAD 752.
I have tried 2 of the same modell, and they both did have the same problem. My dealer sad it could be problems with my electrical system at home, but that is bullshit. I have also tried the nad752 I have now, at my office, the same problems there. It's very irritating! I have not desided if I'm going to return it because I love the sound of Nad. I have tried Denon 2803 with my speakers (Dali104, Dali C1000 and dali2002) and there is no noise at all. But I don't like the sound in Denon, and the design i totaly different than my nad dvd player...
Should I test another nad752 or just accepct the noise as it is??


I think I have an idea. We do have problems with "dirty" power lines in our country and one of the NADs tradeoffs for having a much cleaner audio section is that they can be more sensitive to the power line problems. there are products such as power line conditioners that are worth investigating. so, if your dealer thinks your problem is your dirty power, let him loan you a power line conditioner, such as a Monster Power, to see if that solves the problem.

See the review here of what they can do:


I do not believe in spending hundreds of dollars on a power conditioner--but these $200 Monster Power voltage stabilizers do a great job. If it doesn't help, then take it back and exchange your NAD for a new one, too. You can tell your dealer that its not the power!

Good luck!

Håkon Bakken
Hello again.
I have now tried the NAD752 two other place's. The noise is still there. I talked to I person today and he told me that Nad is well known of this problem at that it's problem that can be resolved. I can't explain in english, but it's has to go to serviceplace and "clean the powerfilter or something like that"...
the conclusion was that it was I know problem and that it could be fixed by a serviceplace.

Hi all,

This site has been very informative to me...I am about to buy a T752 and at least I know what I am about to get into by reading all these constructive feedbacks. By the way it will be very helpful for people to start putting their unit's manufacture date with messages. At least by doing so, all of us will have some idea of when the frequency of problems rose since T752 was introduced. Perhaps we can convey that information to NAD if they care to know... We all can be a part of good consumer watchdogs as well as audiophiles.

By the way I am still buying T752 because I fell in love with the way it sounds despite all these known problems.... Wish me a good luck!


I own a T752 as well and I really love its sound. I bought it several months ago in France. However I have a few problems with it. First of all when I unpacked it the volume control was broken, I had to return it to the store. A week later I got anoter one. Now, the remote doesn't always work, It only works from time to time. Also, when using headphones (I have tried several pairs) I sometimes have sound from only one channel, sometimes both.

Sorry to hear about all your problems with the NAD T752.

I have been debating between getting a NAD T752 (or higher 762, 753 etc.) or one of two other receivers (Marantz SR7300 or Outlaw 1050),

I keep reading comments about problems with various NAD Txx1 and Txx2 receivers, which kept me from bidding on an auction for a 2 month old T752 yesterday, since I knew there would be no warranty if I bought it without a warranty.

I also liked the fact that the Marantz is 6.1

I might still get a NAD, since I keep hearing how great the sound is, and I like the look more than the Outlaw - I have wanted a NAD for a while now. I found a high end Nakamichi integrated a/v amp for a great price a couple of years ago and couldn't resist, but lack of 5.1 inputs forced me to sell it recently.

After reading all the problems, I will not buy a NAD without a warranty, no matter how little used it is.
I am happy to spend an extra $150 for a new one with a full 2 year warranty, or manufacturer refurbished with a 1 year warranty.
A refurbished one might actually be a better deal, since its functionality will have been checked out thoroughly before being repacked...

Sorry, my sentence above - "I knew there would be no warranty if I bought it without a warranty" - was edited and obviosuly not (very well) proofread.
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