I'm looking to purchase the Rotel RSP-1066 with the RMB-1075 to run my HT system. I have Paradigm Monitor 9's for the fronts, the CC-370 for the center, a Velodyne CHT 12 for the sub and looking to purchase Monitor 9's or 7's for the rears. My question is what tuner would people recommend to use with the Rotel 1066 and 1075. I'm looking for something cheap, I don't want or need anything that will provide me the ultra clearest FM signal, just something that will allow me to listen to radio stations. The cheaper the better, is there anything decent for under $150 or under $100? Any info is greately appreciated.

Unless you plan on upgrading the speakers, I would stick to the rsx 1065 receiver, which will probably be great for the paradigm monitors. and it includes a tuner.
You will save 1K, the difference with the separates will probably be very minimal, and you will make your life simpler.

I'm more or likely going to up grade in about 2 or 3 years, I just want to have an Amp that will allow me to power future speakers. I just moved into a new home so backyard and furniture has priority but will complete the Monitor system which will move into the bedroom when I replace them in a few years. So any tuner suggestions or can I also use an old Sony receiver that I have as a tuner?

I would still go for the receiver. The amp is 120W, the receiver is 100w, so power difference is not major. And if you get used to a good sounding system and then move the paradigms to the bedroom and power them with lesser electronics, you are going top hate them...and the rotel will follow to the bedroom.
You also must consider synergy and if you don't know which speakers you are going to buy later, you should wait to buy an amplifier that suits them.
I don't know of any good tuner. I had a +/- $150 Yamaha some years ago, they were highly rated at the time. Might be a good bet.

Sorry I insist on not going your way :-)

Thanks for your insight JC, even though we disagree your comments are appreciated. I believe I did not mention this but I purchased the Processor and AMP as a package for $101 dollars more than the RSX 1065, paid $2100 for both units total. So in my mind the $101 for 20 more watts justified the cost. What is your take on this?

Also another questions for you, have you had any experience or information on Taralabs and MIT interconnects? I'm looking to see which brand to go with to connect the Processor and AMP. Also any opinion on Taralabs speaker cable, I'm looking at the bi-wire 14 gauge, I believe its about $4.95 a foot, I don't remember the model name.

Thanks again....

How's the performance of your new proc and amp?
Is the sound improved now?

Alford Holland
My system:
Paradigm Monitor 11's mains, AR2C center, Polt RT25I rears, Definitive SC1 sub.
Rotel 1066 with Sherborn 5/1500A.
Tara Clara speaker wire and Tara inter connects (do not remember series).

I have used other speaker wires and inter connects. The Clara wire is more neutral where others were usually warmer. The inter connects are warmer than others that I have used (Kimber, Tributaries, and others).

You should experiment as much as possible with the various brands of inter connects. I always assumed that they all sounded the same before I auditioned several brands in my system. I found subtle differences between most brands and one was not necessarilly better, just different. You will need to decide based on your personal preference.

One question: Why are you considering bi wire for your speaker wire?

Ideal concepts,

Where did you buy the Rotel 1066/1075 combo. Sounds like a good price?



Alford Holland

I would suggest an older Panasonic, Technics or Onkyo FM tuner. I do not know model $'s but I believe that these will out perform any new tuner, even those costing much more than you want to pay.


I did a little browsing after reading your post and learned something--it is HARD TO FIND a separate tuner! No wonder you have asked for help. However, I found a couple well within your price range--maybe this will help.

I went to and found several tuners. Once on their web site, you have to click on "Home Audio" and then click on "Receivers". On the first page they list about four tuners. You might check out the following:

1. Pyramid PR532T: $59.99

2. Teac T-R670: $139.99

The next best price is at One Call ( for a Sony for $200.00.

Good luck.

Listen Man - The Preamp and Amp performance is great, the sound has improved greatly. To put in non-HT lingo, movies that I have seen have more depth and more punch to it now, action is clearer and more concentrated from the direction you see it on tv, and the (soundstage has greatly increased) front 3 speakers seem to all blend together. Previously I was running my HT system with a Yamaha 5x65 (model I think was HTR-5440), and the Rotel combo in my opinion sounds 10 times better. It was worth the money in my mind because I noticed a great improvement and to reassure that money was spent well my GF also noticed a great improvement. I'm sure there are a few people who might feel I over did the preamp and amp with the speakers I am using but if I want to upgrade to another set of speakers I'm covered.

Alford - I'm considering bi-wiring my speakers because it was suggested by two different stores. What's your opinion of bi-wiring my Monitor 9's? Thanks for the info on Tara and suggestions for Tuners.

Jeff - I purchased the Preamp and Amp from "The Home Theather Store" in Sacrament CA, they wouldn't give me a price over the phone except MSRP, but did tell me if I came by they could give me a deal. Hit the Rotel website for authorized dealers and there are only two for Sacramento CA. It has all the information on location and phone number.

Hawk - Thanks for the searching on tuners and I agree it is not an easy component to find. Right now I am just using a 5 year old Sony Pro-Logic reciever as the tuner, doesn't sound bad at all and I can use the Sony to run patio speakers as soon as I lay the cememt down and put up a patio.

Thanks for all the info and comments.

Alford Holland
I have experimented with bi-wiring and also with bi-amping my Monitor 11's (which are more power hungry than 9's). There was no audible difference. I think that you will find that bi-amping (as opposed to bi-wiring) would be the only way to make any difference in the performance of a system and then only if you had very ineficient speakers. You can find other posts giving this same info.
I think that you could save $3 per ft. on your speaker wire and invest more in the inter connects. Before you buy the bi-wire experiment with some wires that you already have. You will probably find that the stores just want to sell more expensive wire.
Congratulations on your new toys and may you have many years of pleasure with them at least until the upgrade bug bites you.

hey alford, how are the 11's compared to the 7's? And any thoughts on Polk Audio? I can get a good deal on a pair of RTi 10s at $800. Just thought I'd take a long shot and see what you think. Thanks.

Unregistered guest
Is $50 for a Panasonic su and st 340 receiver/amp set reasonable, assuming it works? It does n ot seem to have any wear on knobs.

what year was this sold?

Is the sound from this setup going to be better, or different from what I can get out of the $200-$300 receiver/amp stuff on market today?

Would it go well with NHT super zero and SWP 1 subwoofer speakers?

Thanks for any help.

John S
Unregistered guest
I am planing on buying the new Rotel RSX 1067 (7 ch.) SS Reciever and I need to decide what speakers I should match to it. I am going to set up a 5.1 or 7.1 layout, but I would also like strong stereo (two ch.) preformance from my two fronts. For any given budget, is a 7.1 worth setting up right away, or should I save the cash on the two extra (7.1) speakers and put it towards a better pair of fronts? I'm not made of money- any sugestions?

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I get pretty good DVD surround sound from my new Rotel RSP-1098 SSP. However, the audio when playing CDs sound flat and lifeless. Any hint on how to setup the speakers (small vs large), subwoofer, or other parameters? I have a Rotel RMB-1095 amp, and B&W speakers and subwoofer. Thanks.
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