Equalizer Connection Problem or Cable Conflict?


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I hated to start a new thread, but I need help diagnosing a Equalizer connection issue and I'm not sure if it's a hookup problem, a cable conflict or something more, so here goes.

I will do my best to describe my problem. Please bear with me. Any help will be greatly, greatly appreciated...

My Audio Component setup has drastically changed in the last year. I've finally made the jump to hi-def purchasing a PS3, HD/DVD Player and HIDEF LCD TV. In the same time frame I've also removed a Dual Cassette Deck (Yamaha K-142) broken DVD player (Sony) and broken VCR (Mitsubishi).

My setup is as follows:
Yamaha GE-3010 Band Graphic Equalizer
Yamaha K-142 Double Cassette Deck (currently not active)
Yamaha RX-V595a Natural Sound AV Receiver
Yamaha CDC-715 5 Disk CD Changer
Toshiba HD-A20KU HD/DVD Player
Sony PS3
Samsung LCD

Some of the units I'm operating are about 20 years old. My setup has changed so much, not just with my components, but with technology today, I'm not sure if my components are compatible anymore.

EQHookup.pdf (63.7 k)

I've attached a diagram of the back of the components that are giving me fits trying to connect.

What it boils down to is this...

I've got a Yamaha GE-30 10 Band Graphic Equalizer (20 years old) which for years has given me equalized audio through all components; DVD, VCR, TV, CD player, etc.

Since I purchased and connected a HD/DVD player PS3, HDTV, and with the removal of the other three units, I can't receive equalized audio from anything but the CD player.

I know The Yamaha K-142 Double Cassette Deck and it's TapeMON/MD button had something to do with it, but the problem is, I don't use the tape player anymore. I'm trying to set my system up without it, since I don't even own a cassette any more. If the only way to receive equalized audio through all my units is to connect the tape player again, than I will do it. The only problem is, I tried that and still do not receive equalized audio through anything but the CD player.

SO I must have something hooked up incorrectly.

Before I removed the other components (DVD, VCR and tape player), the system worked perfectly. The only new factor other than the removal/addition of units is the Connection via HDMI cable. The Yamaha RX-V595a Receiver DOES NOT have HDMI connection.

For example...

• HD/DVD player connected via HDMI to the Television with an optical cable connected to the "digital signal_OPTICAL" input on the receiver.

• CD Player Line out to EQ_Line in. EQ_Line out to Receiver CD_in.

• EQ-The Receiver TAPE/MD_OUT (rec) to EQ_Tape_rec and EQ_Tape_play to Receiver TAPE/MD_in (play).

• PS3 connected via HDMI (to tv) and Optical cable (to receiver) No equalized audio either.

I've actually tried connecting the tape player again and still only equalized audio from the CD Player. Is the Optical Cable conflicting with the HDMI cable? (Does the HD/DVD player need to be connected to the TV via component cables with Optical to the receiver instead of the HDMI) Where does the whole Tape/MD button fit in? Can this even be done without the Tape player?

Am I making any sense at all?
HELP! Thanks in advance

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The optical inputs on the receiver (those inputting the DVD and PS3) keep the signal in the digital domain of the receiver through the pre amp section. This is where the analog EQ has its effect, in the pre amp section. The signal is only converted to analog when it is passed to the power amplifier section. Since the EQ is strictly analog, it cannot see those signals. If you use the analog outputs of those two components, you should have EQ facilities on both. It comes down to which is more important to you; having EQ on all sources or using the fancy new input/output connectors you just paid for.

I didn't look at your diagram. If you have a pre out/amp in connection, you can place the EQ through that loop and that should do what you wish on all sources.


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Thanks very much for the prompt reply Jan! Again, bear with me while I try to follow you...Since the EQ can only process analog signals, the optical cables are useless?

What if I don't have a "pre out/amp" in my connection? My receiver doesn't seem to have anything labeled pre out/amp connection..would it be labeled something different? I guess just connect "analog out" on the HD/DVD player to the "dvd in" on the receiver?

Wouldn't I have a major loss of audio quality or is that what you mean when you say the EQ is analog anyway?

Thanks again for your help!!

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"Since the EQ can only process analog signals, the optical cables are useless?"

If you want EQ, yes.

" ... would it be labeled something different?"

Not likely.

"Wouldn't I have a major loss of audio quality or is that what you mean when you say the EQ is analog anyway?"

The difference between analog and digital in this case is minimal since the signal must be converted to analog somewhere along the line. Listen through the analog inputs without EQ and compare. If you hear a difference, you must decide which is more important; quality or EQ. Keep in mind the receiver may require some inputs to remain digital in order to properly process the HD-DVD or PS3 signal.


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Thank you Jan for your help.

EQHookup.pdf (69.5 k)

Back to what you said about pre out/amp. Since my receiver does not have this, is there any other connection that would give me the same results? If not, I will start the analog connect and compare process you mentioned.

This is sort of where I'm confused. I always thought quality and EQ were one in the same. Years ago, that's why I purchased the EQ was to give me better "quality" audio.

"Keep in mind the receiver may require some inputs to remain digital in order to properly process the HD-DVD or PS3 signal."

...Can you clarify this for me? Do you mean, keep them connected via optical?

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"Can you clarify this for me? Do you mean, keep them connected via optical?"


EQ is typically not the path to "good sound". It might be the way to get a sound you like but that won't always be "good sound". Graphic EQ's are almost always to gross in their effect to be of value and seldom hit the correct frequencies to solve room problems. Additionally, most people abuse equalizers rather than make them work for the betterment of the system.

It depends why you want EQ in the first place. If you're trying to solve room problems, a parametric EQ with a few broadly adjustable curves and center frequencies will do a much better job than a 10 band graphic EQ. If you bought the EQ just because you though systems should have an EQ, then I would advise you to not use the EQ with your new gear and find out what the system can do on its own. Speaker placement is a better path to good sound than a graphic EQ in almost all cases. If you bought the EQ to remedy speaker problems, the solution is to buy speakers with fewer and less annoying problems. IMO, graphic EQ's seldom make a system sound better, just different.


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Those are very good points Jan.

I purchased it years ago because I felt the Yamaha receiver's sound was kind of flat. I needed something that could apply richer sound. I'll compare it to a B&W photograph...A photo without contrast is give it life it needs more contrast, blacks and whites. That's what I felt my system needed, regardless of room size, or speaker placement. The EQ did that for my system.

I'm not sure if it's "better" or "different" but it has worked in the past for me.

You have been a huge help in helping me understand how and why an EQ works the way it does.

I'm going to try the analog connections like you mentioned and experiment with the unequalized sound of some of the newer components.

I will let you know how I make out!!!


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Hey Jan,

I'm back in business! I've hooked up my other components with their analog connections and I'm all set. I assumed that when you made the jump to newer/digital/hidef components than your connections had to be optical or HDMI. Now I have Transformers in my living room, something I didn't have with my EQ disconnected.

Take care and thanks again!

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Atta boy Jeff!
I just read this one, your problems were in good hands all along.
Isn't the room kinda tight and cold witha transformer in there?

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What type of EQ should I purchase for digital recievers and what features should I be looking for? Can anyone help me.
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