Picking up an reciever Need help


I currently have 2 jbl S310II's, and will soon be adding a S-centerII, and either the s26II's or s38II's, and a 12' sub at somtime. I am looking for an amp at about the 500 - 600$ range, keep in mind this is canada. Anyways thats not the important part, I am looking at:
Yamaha 5540 - $398
Yamaha 5550 - $498
Marantz SR4300 - $499

My system which is run from my computer - will be pretty much exclusivly for music, mainly rap or rock, and I would like a lot of bass. I like to listen to it loud, but would also like to be able to listen to it at a conversation level. What advice do you have, since I have bought 3 amps already and have not been satisfied yet(upon retrospect the Kenwood I started with was best) anyways I am open to pretty much any type,so tell me what you think would be best.

I once had a yamaha rx-v420 and it sucked a$$ for rock and rap DO NOT GET A YAMAHA FOR ROCK/RAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cant stress that enough i took mine back and traded it for a kenwood receiver every single dsp is for classicle or jazz music(theres church, rock concert jazz club movie theater 1 and 2 and hall and pro-logic)they are all so echoey that it hurts your ears and it wasnt loud just sounded bad if you dont use the dsp's you have to stare at --EFFECT OFF--on the display well dont get a yamaha. if you want alotta bass get a powered sub with a 12"woofer and atleast 150watts you need it for rap its abuse to put rap on an 8" or smaller.I would suggest gettin a Kenwood vr-7060 for that price range.

How good is the kenwood vr-6050 cuz im thinkin of one at ecost.com for 99$but theres a catch its referbished is there a warranty on the referbished receivers at ecost?

If you like good detailed bass go with H.K. receivers. They're good with JBL since they make both.

None of the receivers you list sound very musical. The two Yamahas have wimpy power supplies and a lousy pre-amp section, which makes the sound very bright and annoying to listen to. Hard to get good sound with rap and rock without a good power supply. The Marantz 4300 has a decent pre-amp, but uses only one amplifier to drive all five channels and also has a weak power supply (although not as bad as the Yamahas).

I don't know where in Canada to point you, but I have learned of a great deal in the Chicago area from this board. Check out the special at Saturday Audio (www.saturdayaudio.com) for the NAD 742 for $449. You have to call them, so maybe they can ship to Canada. Same pre-amp section as the top of the line 762 and has a monster power supply that will rock your socks off. Unit weighs 31 pounds, which means it weighs about 50% more than the Yamahas you were considering.
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