Another "mini-system-purchase-advice" request


Hello. I am also looking for a mini system, since I'm only looking to fill one room and don't have loads of money. I have different needs than the others, so I start a new conversaation. Here's what matters to me. Where should I look? :

1. Price range. Not more than $300 if at all possible.
2. I better not be able to hear the tuner unless I want to. Believe it or not, this is a big problem in my parent's house... one can hear the local radio station even if the system is in cd mode and playing a cd. Very annoying; it destroys classical music to have quiet brittany spears overlaying it.
3. It would be nice if it performed well in the quiet-medium end, even if it sacrificed some of the loud end.
4. Should render classical music well, without too much hiss in the quiet parts. But I don't only listen to classical.
5. Has to have at least some sort of audio in.
6. If bass is bad, should allow connecting subwoofer.
7. Audio quality is more important than extra features. Had I extra money, I would go for separate componants instead of a mini system. But I don't.

You are going to have to actually listen to the stereos to narrow them down. It looks like Sony and Panasonic are the reigning kings of mini systems. Hit thier web sites. Try and Crutchfield's site and start auditioning systems in person.
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