Integra DTR 7.3 vs. Marantz (SR8300, SR8200, SR 7300ose)


Any insight, opinions, suggestions, comments are welcomed concerning my questions about HT Receivers. My question is what receiver would be a good match for my HT System, the system is used approximately 70% movies/tv/sports and about 30% Music. Currently I have the following:

TV - 32 inch Panasonic TV (will be replaced next year with hopefully a Plasma)

DVD - 7 disc DVD Changer (will be replaced next year after the TV)

Sub - Velodyne CHT 12 (had to match the size of the one in my car - Boston Pro-Series 12)

Center - Paradigm CC-370

Fronts - Paradigm Monitor 9's

Rears - Polk R40 (will be moving these to bedroom and replacing them with Monitor 9's or 7's as soon as I decide on a receiver)

Receiver - Yamaha HTR-5440

Cables/wires - Mainly Monster and replacing them out with MIT.

I'm looking at purchasing either the Integra DTR 7.3 (Approx $1300), Marantz SR8300 (Approx $1599), Marantz SR8200 (Approx $1499), or the Marantz SR 7300ose (Approx $1199). Please give me any feedback on what you have heard/read/or personal experience on these receivers and you recommendations.



Integra - I listened and liked.
Marantz - I listened and liked even more.

Nothing wrong with the Integra but I personally enjoyed the music coming from the Marantz more. To me it sounded more natural and smooth. Some people seem to think that an AVR can be good for HT or music not both. Well, from my expereience if it sounds good for music then it has sounded great for HT providing that the AVR has the necessary electronics for HT.

I bought the 7300 and have had a big grin since I bought it a month ago. The only real question you have to answer is how much you are willing to pay for THX post-processing. I didn't want to spend the extra coin as I bought a new centre channel.

A word of caution. Some people claim to hear a high frequency sound coming from the x300 series when its in HT mode - specifically the centre channel. So you might want to check that out for yourself. I had no problem.

Cheers and Good Listening

Marantz SR7300
Panasonic DVD RP-56
Pioneer 100+1 CD Player
Pioneer Platter CD Player
Sony 36HS510 HDTV
Paradigm Monitor 9 (front)
Paradigm Titan (rear)
Mirage Omni CC (centre)cool!
Yamaha YST60 Sub (replacing when have funds)

I Just bought a few weeks ago the Marantz 8300 and can give it the thumbs up.
Whilst not a techno buff I do like my movies and expect a lot from the system I buy in this area.

Mirantz was the better of a few I spent time trying out (spent most of my time surfing reviews before trying my short list). The ones I tried were the BOSE home theater system (I also looked at new speakers),
The Integra DTR 7.3 and Onkyo TX-NR900.
Bose was a dissapointment in all areas except style. The Integra was good but I preferred the Music from the Mirantz and the Onkyo.

Onkyo was for me the closest purchase comparison to the Mirantz. After much to toing and froing I went the Mirantz and have not looked back...though the Onkyo was good to!
Good Luck

If you have not make a decision yet, wait until the end of September when Marantz and Integra will come out with their new line of receivers. They will also include prologic IIx (at least the SR7400). Onkyo is also on the list.

Thanks everybody for your input and suggestions, I actually went with neither Marantz or Integra. I ended up purchasing a Rotel Preamp RSP-1066 (DTS ES, DD EX, upgradeable for future audio formats, 7.1, and a bunch of other formats) and a Rotel Amp RMB-1075 (minimum of 5x120). I spent about $600 dollars more than what I budgeted but I got both Rotel products cheaper than MSRP. MSRP for the Preamp was $1,499 and for the Amp was $999, got both products for $2,100. Only down fall with it is there is no tuner and I didn't want to pay another $300 for the tunner so using an old Sony pro logic receiver as a tuner. I am loving this set up and my gf can tell the difference and so can her family and my family when they are over to watch a movie. It was money well spent, just need to finish paying it off and buy the MIT interconnects for the amp and preamp.

Have you heard anything about the Monitor 9's being a design flaw. I believe I read either on here or on another message board that someone was told by a sales person the 9's were design flaws. I asking because I would like to replace my rear Polk R40s with Monitor 9's but if there is a design flaw I will go with 7's, my guess is the sales person was trying to get the customer to purchase the 11's instead.

Thanks again for everybody's comments
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