Center channel speaker and subwoofer in a budget??


I just upgraded my system to NAD T742 with Polk Lsi9, I keep my old Bose 161 as surround speakers. Now my problem is that I would like to find a center channel speaker and a subwoofer to complete my 5.1 system.

I mainly listen to classical and jazz music (CDs), so the center channel and subwoofer are only for movies (DVDs).

My budget will be about $500 for both and I am thinking about 200 for the center channel and 300 for the sub.

Anyone here can give me some advices? Thanks a lot.

You need to stay with Polk for your center for a seamless sound across the front. Get a good center to match your Lsi and if need be postponed your sub. You will get some bass from your Lsi9 to get you by until you get a sub.

What size room are you in and what type of movies do you watch or music you listen too? I myself would recomend the JBL PB-10 or PB-12; I own the 10 its great for music and most movies like Arnold Swartsenager movies. The last movie I watched I left my other sub off(Jensen JS-1000)To see what my pb-10 could do then I left my pb-10 off and switched my jensen on in the same scene.The results? the JBL PB-10 hands down.

BUT (I just noticed!)why are you in the receiver BB go to the speaker BB!

To G.DawG

My room is about 15' x 16'. Most of the time I listen to Classical and Jazz music as mentioned before. For the movies, I think I will watch basically every kinds of movies and shows, from actions to drama to cartoon to documentary. I thank for all the advices above (including Mr. Anonymous).

I am in a relatively tight budget after I upgraded to the Lsi9 speakers. That's why I need some good advices. Thanks anyway.

p.s. G.DawG, when I was posting this yesterday, I am having some internet problems (I don't know why......) that I couldn't post in the speaker BB. I am sorry for this.

check out the polk lsi series center channel (Polk LsiC) I found it on ebay new with a buy now price of $339. The same user is also selling polk subs (Polk PSW505 for 400 and PSW404 for 300). This way you stay polk for center and subs...i have polk all the way around and like them alot (but mine are lower end polk not the lsi series) i dont know how reputable the seller is, but you can at least check it out...his ebay seller name is audiohookup...just fyi
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