Do I need upgrade sub from psw303 to psw404?


I bought polk rm6700 with sub psw303. I am happy with the whole performance, but sometimes, I do feel a little boomy from sub psw303. I don't know if I should upgrade to psw404. I don't need very loud bass (my room is not very big) but I want the better bass quality. I bought them online, it's not very convenient to return it, so anyone has some experience or suggestion?

goto polks site for how they say to place your subwoofer in your room

usualy put it beside where you listen, turn on a track and move around the room listening for the best spot, then put your sub there, what they say.

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the psw303 is a pretty good 8" sub. it's not going to offer the tighest base on the planet but it shouldn't be extremely boomy. I would guess you have it placed in a corner but i'm not sure b/c you didn't specify. Corner placement, many times, is a good way to enhance bass but this is not always the case. One down fall to corner placement in many subs is boomy bass. Even if you don't have it in the corner. If the bass is extremely boomy then it is probably the placemnet.

I would just move it around a little. try it in front of the room by the tv or a little away for a corner. Hope this helps.
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