Harman 325 v Onkyo 800


I am looking for a good receiver to pair with the athena mk II point five system with future rear speakers. I might also use this receiver in the future with my Boston Acoustics VR 960 power tower and surround system. I will be using the system mainly for music, but video will also be a major component. Which of these amps (or any others in the price range (street $500-800) would have the highest quality sound?


Both are very good receivers, but between the two, I would recommend the H/K as it has a warmer sound that would be a better combo for the athena point 5 speaker system.

As for the highest sound quality, the best choice would be an NAD 742 or 752. I heard several receivers in this price range compared in double blind testing, and the NAD was by far the best receiver, sound quality wise. In playing DVDs, it clearly reproduced dialogue and sounds that were a bit muffled by the H/K and simply not-existant when played back through a comparable Onkyo or Denon. And, NAD is usually cited as the best receivers for music playback, so check them out to see if you don't agree.
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