Mission M74i or B&W dm-s602s3?


which one is better for listening to music and movies? with denon 1802 AV receiver.


I don't know the answer myself because I have never heard the Mission M74s. However, I was recently looking at some older reviews from Home Cinema Choice, an English HT magazine that does reviews. The review of the Denon 1803, the slightly updated version of your receiver, compared the better type of speaker for the Denon and concluded as follows:

The AVR-1803 is a crisp, dry sounding amplifier. The bass may lack the expansiveness of more ambitious and costly designs, and the treble can be a little 'in yer face', but both detail and dynamics are notable strengths. While the Denon is capable of driving the B&W system quite hard, overall it is a more successful sonic match with the Mission system. The Denon doesn't quite have the means to make the best of this very capable loudspeaker package, but the Mission's smooth and reclined blueprint suits this amplifier well.

I hope this helps.

Dear Hawk
thanks a lot for youe reply. I learned many thing of it. indeed I've heard the sound of B&W 602 and I enjoyed it very much. Also I listened to the sound of mission m74. it was quiet well except some extra bass. if I decide to buy B&W's what brand or Model of A/V Receivers do you offer me?in our Market I can Marantz Yamaha denon and onkyo are available.


Don't get me wrong, I really like your receiver (Denon 1802). I think you would have to spend considerably more in order to improve on it, but of the brands you listed, I would highly recommend the Marantz 7300 (nothing cheaper in the marantz line). It has a remarkable sound that I think would be a killer with the B+Ws. (I get excited just thinking about it!)

dear hawk I want you to accept my best thanks for your reply. I enjoyed having chat with you.
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