Marantz SR5200 vs. Denon AVR-1802 vs. Yamaha RXV520


I am considering updating my equipment and I wanted to find out which one of these is better- I mean sound wise, value, and overall quality. If you could let me know the pros and cons of any of these A/V reciever. I want a reciever that plays movies with incredible sound.

Or if you know any other recievers around this price range which are better.

Which is better the Marantz 5200 or Denon 3802?

if $ is a considerration than the marantz very good value for $ have one myself and the true pre-outs are much better than the ones on the denon also sound stage better controlled.

I have had the Marantz SR5300 for 3 months now, haven given up my 5 year old Onkyo A/V receiver work horse that served well but was seriously out dated in the Dolby area, it only had DolbyI.
The latest update of the SR5200, Marantz made a great receiver even better, giving the SR5300 another 10 watts in all discret channels, front av inputs with an s-video also...And the complete compliment of Audio features..IE: DoblyII, Dolby Digital 6.1 EX, DTS 6.1 ES Discret and Matrix, Crystal surround processing, NEO 6.1...192/24 Crystal DA conversion...You cant ask for more features. Couple that with Marantz built quality and deserved and earned reputation for excellent sound, you have hands down winner for the price..The only weakness is the remote, but its a small price to pay for getting amazing sound and build quality, no plastic in this chassis just brushed aluminum front with internal bracing...Its a tank with a soft touch.....Dont even think, just go ut an buy yourself one......End of story

I am upgrading my home theater. I am looking for help with a few questions I have on equipment:

1. Marantz SR9200 vs B&K AVR507
2. Marantz DV8300 vs Yamaha DVD S2300

For the above which a/v receiver and which DVD is better

I am considering the Fijitsu PDS-6101,or the 50AX10US. Does anyone have experience with either? Is a video enhancer necessary (ie. DVDO ISCAN ULTRA) necessary for the 61"?

I just bought the Denon AVR 58003 THX 7.1 receiver. So far, I have to say this is the best I ever had. This is the one that will give you a clear and powerful output @8ohm. I hooked it up with PSB stratus silver i series speakers and a Sony DVD/SACD player. The PSB speakers system seems to handle pretty well. The sound experience is above your imagination. I think this one is the champ and it's always be on top compare to other high enz audio maker out there. By the way, I got a bargain price at $1500 at a local GoodGuys Warehouse in CA. I forgot to mention that the Gameboy look alike remote control is awesome and look very cool.
Well, if you have it then you'll understand why I give 2 thumps up for this one.
The only problem I have right now is the complain from my neighbors for the noise disturbing. Well, I gotta make some noise with this badass toy, right?
Way to go, DENON.

If you are considering the yamaha DVDS2300 look into the Denon DVD2900. It has gotten really good reviews. No video enhancer is needed on the fujitsu since it uses it's own line doubler and often looks worse with other video enhancement. Do not buy the fujitsu online as there is no authorized online distribution of Fujitsu and you will lose the 3 year warranty. Fujitsu, in an effort to clean up online sellers has been trying to buy their product back and found out that many dealers are advertising fujitsu and once they have the money call the customer to tell them that they ran out and will give the customer a good deal on something that is "just as good". Out of 40 transactions fujitsu succesfully got 1 diplay back and it was not a consumer model and was missing composite and s-video connections. Good Luck

I have decided to buy a home theater system anf for speakers my decision is buying B&W DM602 S3 speakers for L/R Front and Rear and B&W Sub and Center. Now my problem is chooshing the right decision for AV Receiver. among Yamaha RXV-730 or Marantz SR-5200 or Denon 1803 or Onkyo TX-SR600 which one is better matched with B&W 602 S3 speakers? Please help me. By the way I usually listen to music more than watching films.

I also am indeciso, I want to receiver small but of good sound my
options are the Marantz SR-4200 and Harman/Kardon AVR-125. My
loudspeakers are Tannoy M5 and Sound Dynamics RTS-3 Some suggestion as
far as receiver (other Marantz options are SR-5200 and SR-6200)

yo también estoy indeciso, quiero un receiver peque--o pero de buen sonido mis opciones son el Marantz SR-4200 y el Harman/Kardon AVR-125.
Mis parlantes son Tannoy M5 y Sound Dynamics RTS-3
Alguna sugerencia en cuanto al receiver (otras opciones Marantz son SR-5200 y SR-6200)

My suggestion to Babak and Cristian Conteras would be Marantz 7300OSE. Check out the Marantz website.

My Setup : Marantz SR6200,

B&W DM602 S3 ( front )
B&W LCR60 S3 ( center )
B&W DM 303 ( rear , better than the 600 and 601 S3 IMO, )
B&W ASW 600

And i'm quite happy with that ^^
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