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Just ordered a new system and am waiting for it to arrive. It's my first foray into hi fi and I was wondering what people in the know thought of my choices. The system is as follows:

NAD C521BEE CD player
Pair of Monitor Audio Bronze B2 speakers
QED Quenex 3 interconnect
QED Silver Anniversary speaker cable
Pair of Alphason Aragon speaker stands

If anyone has any comments on this system, I'd love to hear them. Obviously I should ideally have asked before purchasing, but I only found this forum yesterday :-) I listen to mainly British and American folk music and Americana type stuff - Jayhawks, Uncle Tupelo etc.

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Excellent. If that is your first foray into hifi... Well. Perhaps you obtained recommendations from a good dealer. Today, I would prefer get a player for DVD-Audio that will also play CDs. But that is me. The NAD C521BEE seems to be the pick of the CD-only crop, at that price range. I predict that you will never need to upgrade, but may find you wish to add DVD-Audio, one day. You made a good decision. Good luck!

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Good budget combo. Give the speakers some time to run in (it take ages!) and it'll sound wonderful. I have a pair and lovin it. I find the 320BEE too warm for my liking, but that's just personal preference.

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I'de rather go for a Rotel/Kef combo with a source from Sony or Nad. QED are great

Evan Brown
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Thank you all for your input. The sutff arrived last evening and I set it all up. Very happy with the sound. I'm still waiting for the silver anniversary to arrive, and am currently using some copper cable that came free with the system. So I expect to tbe even happier!

One question - the copper speaker cable I have is I think 80 strand, and I found it quite a pain to connect particularly to the Monitor Audio speakers, since the cable is so thick and the binding post on the speaker only has a relatively small fixing hole. Plus some of the space is taken by the little bridges that connect the dual sets of terminals on the speakers.

Does anyone have any tips for a newbie on how I should handle, set up the silver anniversary to make the best possible connection? Will it be thinner than the copper I am using at present?

Thanks again.
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