Very large TDL Speakers - any clues?


Could anyone identify a pair of large TDL speakers I inherited from my father on his death? They are in black ash and contain 7 units: 2 large woofers, 2 mid-range, 2 tweeters and a super-tweeter. They stand about 48 inches high and have reflex ports at the base. The woofers are angled at 45 degrees to the other units.

Does anyone know what model they might be, and their original selling price? I have no intention of selling them myself... but I am curious.


TDL Electronics (Audacity Audio Limited)
PO Box 98
High Wycombe
HP10 9SH
Tel: +44 (0) 1628 850111
Fax: +44 (0) 1628 850130

I think this is England????

I have a set I aquired and I know Orion Blue Books (home audio book) shows a listing in one of their older books. I think the last book I saw a listing in was 1999 not sure though. If I remember right, they were around 8 grand each or possibly for the pair.


TDL reference standard

you can see the old TDL catalog here, (note that the site is Italian)

the page with the reference standard pictured is here

You have one of the most extrardinary 3d reference speakers made. They originally cost between 10,000 to 12,000 dollars. I trialed dozens (B & W, Martin Logan, electrostatic, etc.) and selected TDL 10 years ago. Wouldn't trade them for the world. Congratulations on your inheritence.

Karl Loftin
I understand that TDL are no longer trading. I learnt from a founder employee of KEF that due to two unfortunate deaths in the small company they were unable to continue trading. This is a great shame not only to the obvious loss but additionally due the demise of a great speaker manufacturer. They are missed by myself.

i have a pair of g60 tdl,s and for some reason the tweters no longer run as anyone got a clue what it could be or where if i need to buy new ones allready where from.

Need two tweeters for my TDL - RTL3 loudspeakers. Does anyone know where to buy them from??

I am searching for a pair of IMF/TDL woofers
the ovale model with diaphragm made of fiber-glass.

I have a pair of TDL Studio 1 speakers (product no: 51219/211R) which I wish to modernize sympathetically with a new crossover and possibly new mid/base units. Can anyone provide me with details of the existing mid/base units and a response plot.

I have already replaced the tweeters with Scan-speak D2905/9300 and replaced the internal wiring.

Reply to

Paul Smith

dose anyone know were i can get a pair of replacement bi-radial drive units for the tdl studio monitor m?

I went from Monitors to Reference Standards a good few years back and would never swap them. Just a real shame that TDL are no longer around.

I think the drivers were from Elac decent, so it might be worth searching that path for spares.

Please Help-
I have a wonderful old pair of TDL Monitor speakers that I would like to replace the drivers in. Does anyone know where to obtain them?

You lucky, luck man! You have a pair of classic TL loudspeakers. Probably amongst the best five I have ever heard in my hi fi hobby since 1968 at any price! Need good source and amplifiers to drive them. A poor amplifier will do them no justice. I'm green with envy and very happy for you. ENJOY!!!

I am looking for mid/bass units for my TDL Studio 1. Does anyone have an idea where to get them??

Can someone tell me what is a normal price for a pair of TDL studio 2 speakers?
Thanks already Gerwin

Perhaps this will help some of you?:

Audio Forest: According to the 2003 Orion Blue Book the address and phone number of TDL is: 8201 S. 48 street Phoenix AZ. 85044 Phone: 480-829-8000 Fax: 480-756-9000. - 1/1/03

I recently purchased a pair of TDL RTL-4 speakers, can anybody tell me anything about them ?

Some TDL (Elac) drive units are available from a German company who also make transmission line speakers. Teir website is:

I own a pair of TDL Studio 0.75m which are great little speakers. Although TDL is no longer with
us, PMC (Professional Monitor Company) has taken up the mantle as the main British transmissionline manufacturer.

O.K. You lot


Lockwood audio purchased their entire TDL speaker/driver stock when the company sadly went under.

(They are also the sole supplies of pre-1999 EPOS and pre-1999 Mordaunt-Short speaker spares)

I have recently purchased a driver for my old TDLs and the service was excellent.

Here is the link to Lockwood Audio in the UK.. The guy on the end of the phone was very helpful and the cost of the driver was much lower than I had anticipated.

I hope you can get your TDLs working again.

IMF and later TDL were one of the finest speakers available in Europe (also in the US).
For those who are interested: I have a pair of RSPM MK IV (formely TL80 I think) cabinets, WITHOUT the drivers for sale. They are in pretty good shape, no crossover either though.
I had them loaded with the original B139, B110 drivers, but not the Clestion tweeters. Instead, an original KEF crossover, and some T27. I used the drivers elsewhere. They are located in the US (New York State), I move back to Europe, and since my (ex) company wouldn't pay for this move, I need to sell them. Chack ebay, you still can find KEF drivers.
Also, I made a copy of the legendary Bailey's trinagular TL, using the B139 (the one from the IMF...), but midrange and tweeter are Vifa's.
They sound really good, deep and 'black' Bass. Up to you to change to some other drivers for the MH and HF, but actual configuration is nice.
Write me if you're interested.

May 23rd, 2003

Miami, Florida, USA

Greetings fellow TDL lovers/fans !

I have two (2) pairs of the fabulous, flagship Reference Standard (semi-hexagonal shaped) TDL speakers - both reside in my native city of Bombay in India. What music they make - ooh, what bass and what power and lovely, sweet, clean sound. I would LOVE to hear from other owners of these fabulous big monsters anywhere in the world - I think that the 2 pairs that I have are probably the only ones in India - they were both purchased in the USA and shipped their at a considerable cost but NO regrets ! Hope to hear from some of you wishes and Happy Listening to YOUR TDL's......


Ronnie K. Marker
Miami, FL

I have a the TDL Monitor Compact, I love this transmissionline.

But I'm looking for extra woofers, type TDL 3021/GT/01 8Ohm, yes, the amazing bass unit bi-radial 30x21cm polystyrene glass-fibre.

Please e-mail me if you have a pair of this type woofers.

Best regards,

Hello all-
TDL's are up and running with new tweeters from Lockwood audio. Contact Roger by email []
Awesome service and knowledgable about product. Prices were fair and shipping was outstanding from the UK! If you are interested in purchasing a pair of flawless (not a scratch) black gloss finished TDL Monitor speakers email me at

I have recently had a pair of tdl4`s stolen I would like to replace them anybody selling


Hello everyone, I've got the TDL Monitors-stunning. TDL Ref. Monitors even more stunning. There is a company in the UK called Wilmslow Audio that has all the spares for nearly all British speaker brands. Haven't got the deets to hand, but they advertise in Hi-Fi Sound every issue. Regards from London to you all.

I was about to sell my RTL4 s ... but maybe I should reconsider after reading your messages ...

I am using an old Arcam Alpha 6 amp and am not getting much refinement out of the speakers, especially at low volumes.

Maybe I should try a more powerful amp instead of replaceing the speakers ??

Any ideas ???

Yes absolutely, you should try a 300B tube amp in the top and a POWERFUL solid state amp in the bass, try finding at least a 100 "real" watts.

I replaced the tweeters in my RTL 3's with some Audax units which gave a definite improvement. However, if anyone wants to buy the originals (perfect working order) then drop me an email.

Classical Music
What would be the going rate for a pair of TDL Reference Standards circa 1996? Not the last model with wood grain on all 5 forward sides, but with a grill cloth over black painted surface.

i have this speakers:

but somehow two of the woofers (one in each of the speakers) are broken, so now i'm running only with half bass, i really need to get two new woofers. i know that it's impossible to get two new one, since the factury burned down with all the papers they needed to make the woofers.
but i'm really looking for two new woofers who's for sale! i really need them, because this speakers will be with me untill i die!

if anyone have any woofers for sale, please email me at og phone me at (+47)69261803 or (+47)99727555. i'm from norway, so if you call me at 99727555 it would have bean the best.


Jan Erik Johansen, Norway.

I bought a pair of TDK RTL-2s a while ago but never did anything with my front end gear - cd player and amp. I really want to use the RTLs to maximum effect and wonder if anyone out there can suggest a good pairing cd/amp set up for the speakers?
Robin Murray, Scotland

I have a chance at 2 pairs of the TDL RTL2 SE speakers. Anyone have an idea as to a good price for them as well as what I can expect as to the sound dynamics?? I fell in love with a pair of the IMF studio monitors before I could afford a pair and am trying to make up for that mistake. :o)

Steve in VA

Need two tweeters for my TDL - RTL3 loudspeakers. Does anyone know where to buy them from??
John G

Anyone have a pair of RTL3's for sale? London area. Can collect. email with price and condition etc. Many thanks.

Where can i buy new tweeters for my RTL speakers in the UK

Selling my TDL Monitor (Studio 4 TLS) speakers.
1 pair, Black high gloss finish, perfect condition. Bidding on E-Bay starts at $800.00 US.
I will sell them to first person for $800.00 US + Shipping to anywhere you want (Shipping to the UK is approx. $550.00 US). This is an incredible opportunity to own one of the best speakers ever made for a great price. E-Mail me at or call 830-719-0632.

Does anybody know about a pair of TDL Reference Series speakers (top of the line) for sale?
Please let know. Thanks for your kind time.

my understanding of things are TDL went bust a few years ago

while sniffing about looking for some rear speakers for my av system i stumbled apon these at richersounds web site

can anyone shed any light on this is it old stock richer sounds bought or has the name been snapped up by someone else?

Conny Andersson
Money, money! A friend of a friend has a pair of thoose sexsided ones in he´s cellar. Think he said he bought them in the -80:ies. Now, how much should I pay? Any idea anyone? Please?

Hey! I am in heaven! I bought a pair of RTL 2's back in the late eighties when they first came out, they were fun but I got bored of the lumpy bass after a couple of years. I then decided to splash out on a new pair of speakers so off I went to my local Hi Fi shop. They had a pair of TDL studio 1 M's in stock, so I took a pair of B&W 603's, Kef Q60's, Royd Minstrals and a pair of Tannoy 605's home with me for a three week demo. I was a pain in the butt siting each pair of speakers to evaluate them properly over the three weeks I had, but what fun!
When I hooked up the Studio 1's, ohhmegod!! The bass was awesome, the mid range and top were fantastic! Well, I just had to have them, and another amp as well!
I ended up with an Arcam Alpha 9 intergrated powering the tweeters and an Arcam Alpha 9 power for the bass drivers. I used QED silver anniversary bi-wire for the cable.
Well that was in 1992 and I still have not found another pair of speakers that rival the all round abilities of the TDL's, I do like the look of those PMC's though..........
All the best,

I have a pair of black rtl 3's missing crossovers...anybody interested (UK)???

I'm thinking of selling my TDL RTL 4's - can anyone give me some indication what they might be worth?

I have a pair of the reference series and I would consider selling them if the bid/price is good/high enough.
I have recently moved into a small apartment and thus they are a bit big, as they are the top line.
I will NOT consider any bid under 2500$.
The internal cables are replaced by a fast XLO cable, the internal cables where under all critisism.
So I've added 400$ worth of cables in them and it's a huge difference, they are faster, the 3D is much better and the soundstage as in depth and so on are improved by 25% at least.

Remeber NO bids or chit-chat about the speakers, I have heard enough of discussions about them on this site.

I too own a pair of TDL Reference Studio Monitor 'M'. I have them connected to a McIntosh MA6900 (200RMS) integrated amp & a Linn CD player all through Transparent cables. TDL's love power. Do i even need to mention how they sound. The **BASS**.Wow! The soundstage it creates is one of the best i have ever heard.

Right now i'm considering my next upgrade to take it to the next level. A Mac C2200 (tube) pre with a Mac MC252 or MC402 poweramp. I think TDL's will sound very good with a tube component somewhere in the chain.

It was nice to find these postings on TDL's. Lot of people don't know them ,let alone how good they are. It will be nice if the owners above can list their complete systems so we know what combinations are used with the TDL's.

It will also be interesting to hear about comparisons & different sys. configuration you have tried.

Long live Transmission line !!

I used to work for TDL Electronics when it first started as a subsidary of ELAC in 1986 in Bridgend, South Wales. I was there till the company relocated to Milton Keynes in about 1991.

There were 6 of us making up the cabinets for the large reference speakers when I first started, and from 1987 to 1989 the reference cabinets were made soley by myself until all cabinet making was outsourced to a company I forget the name of in Milton Keynes.

I also used to cover all the grilles for the Studio and Reference speakers with the black or brown grille cloth until I left the company.

My favourite time of working there was when it was the run up to a hi-fi show and I used to have the disect one of each type of speaker to show off the transmission line inside of the speakers.

I left with a evrything needed to make a set of Studio 4's (TDL Monitors) which I did get around to making in the middle 90's. I then had enough of carting them around during house moves so sold them to a local guy for 100 pounds.

Its good to see that the speakers are all still working of sorts today. Cheers.

Andy Clark
I bought a pair of RTL 3s off a friend back in January, since then i have replaced one of the LF drive units, due to the rudy thing popping. I got the replacement unit from Lockwood Audio and would like to know the approx value of these speakers in todays market.I paid £150 for the pair.Any info gratefully accepted.

I think 'NEIL' above must be very wealthy to have sold his TDL Monitors for only 100 pounds or was he smoking something at the time?

Can anyone inform me of where I can obtain 2 of the metal badges for the TDL Reference Standards ?

Hi Ian Smith, only to add to the others, You got the incredible RSTL IMF Transmission line, I had two pairs of that during my active speakerbuilding time. These ones are the best you can get in the world.
However, anybody here who could help me out with a TL building plan for a set of:B139, B139 passive, B200 and T27? Urgently needed. Thanks for any mail.

I have a pair of IMF ALS40's and a pair of IMF CM2A's which I picked up from IMF cheap before they became TDL.(my fathers company made stuff etc. for them back in 1981)Apparentley they went bust because they put lifetime guarantees on them but people like me tried too hard.
For those that are looking for tweeters I can only suggest Wilmslow audio who will supply peerless 1" soft dome which are a good sound and shape replacement for ALS40's/TLS50's.
However can anyone tell me what the tweeters are in the CM2A's. They are 100W and look very similar to the Audax/Peerless but were far superior.I get the feeling these were prototypes as the power and higher frequency is something special from these 2way speakers.

I am looking for a pair of RTL3. PLS email me price and condition.

New member
Username: Gaio

Post Number: 1
Registered: 12-2003
Can someone tell me what is a normal price for a pair of TDL Reference speakers?

Thanks already,

Rav Kallat
Unregistered guest
I have a pair of RTL 2 and I was surprised pleasently to hear them sing with new vigor after upgrading my amp to panasonic sahe 100 (a av amp). I definitely think that to get the best out of these speakers you need good amp. They are simply marvellous

Unregistered guest
Just bought a pre-owned TDL RTL2 in rosewood finishing bi-wire for US$70. It does not come with specification, anyone could provide me with one? The foam in the port was removed, plan to restore it, may i know how to replace it and what is the purpose of the foam? I love this baby especially on classical music.

Unregistered guest
I have a pair of RTL4s running off my Alchemist Genesis mono-blocks (bi-bired), absolutely amazing sound quality.

They are too big for the room I now have them in, but I am trying to make room instead of buying smaller speakers.

Unregistered guest
You are lucky to buy a use pair of RTL2 for $70, i get a NOS around US$250 in Singapore. If i am not mistaken, the speaker have the impendence of 8ohms and senitivity of 90db.
I am driving it with Antique sound lab mono block in a small room, the mid range is fascinating, the set is very good for vocal.

No idea for the foam, may be to prevent the speaker sound boomy for small room.

Unregistered guest
I own a pair of RTL 3 which I love. However the tropical climate of the carribean has taken it's toll on both cabinet and drive units. I've notice Richer Sounds (UK) sell a TDL Studio 10 for a redeculously low price (for TDL anyway). Has any one heard of this model. Is it a "real" TDL

Unregistered guest
I just wanted to tell everyone that I have now fixed all my four bass drivers in my RSTL speaker. :-)
So people with bass drivers for sale do not need to mail me anymore. Also, the RSTL speaker uses 15 ohm bass drivers, not 8 or 16 ohm. In case someone else should need new drivers and didn't know.

Dylon, on my stereo i use:
Technics SL-PJ28 cd-player (maybe not the best you get, but)
Rotel RC-971 pre-amp
Rotel RB-1080 power amp (2x200W RMS 8 ohm)
Rapport signal-kables ($200 for 1M!)
Some big golden kables for the speakers (uehlibach-kabel (i can't see if it's uehlibach or oehlibach, but whatever))

I must say, I really love the sound of these speakers. I still allmost haven't found anything that can compare to them, specially in the bass. Very few speakers can make strong and crystal-clear bass down to 16Hz, I guess. :P
But i must also say, the referance speakers really are a amp-killing machine. So if you don't have a good amp on them, you don't have a chance to get good sound of them. Also, with a bad amp, you may damage bouth speakers and the amp.

So peopole who have TDL speakers: Take good care of them! :-)

New member
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I have a mint condition pair of TDL Monitor floor standing transmission line speakers for sale if anyone wishes to make me a sensible offer. Finished in rosewood with black grilles, I have owned these beauties from new. 47 kilos each. Please e-mail me for pictures/additional specs at Original boxes and packing and optional stands included. I am based in Hampshire UK.

Unregistered guest
Further to questions regarding system components - you MUST use a top-grade power amp., preferably solid state because there is a damping-factor problem with tubes and these speakers - they're essentially operating in free-air at the lowest frequencies. My solution is to have Audio Research tube pre-amp(LS15)+D200 solid state power. It's 200wpc. and my TDL Studio Monitors eat it all. If you run underpowered (frankly anything less than 100wpc. except for some astonishingly expensive high-current designs) you will damage the tweeters. The super-tweeters are delicate, so be careful. And do not use them for parties - the temperature build-up in the mid/high-end units will overcome them because they don't sound loud until they REALLY are. Spares from Lockwood and Wilmslow Audio in the UK.

Unregistered guest
Thanks to all above who have provided me with invaluable information on my TDl speakers.

I don't have a particularly powerful or esoteric setup (apart from the TDLs!) but here it is:

Audiolab 8000a amp
QED passive pre-amp
Meridian 206 CD
Arcam Delta Black Box 3 DAC
Rega Planar 3 turntable
NAD 716AV receiver

The Audiolab 8000a seems to drive the TDLs OK, although by rights it should be underpowered for the job. Maybe this is because it runs like a Class A amp?

Once again, thanks for all the info.

Unregistered guest
Hi everyone;
I have a pair of IMF Mk IV Reference Standard Monitor Speakers and I am looking for a pair of base drivers for them as spares. The ones I have in there at the moment are not the original type that had the flat front but are the new types that were still used right up to the current TDL floor standing monitors. They are the oval type that measured 30x21mm and were bi-radial, I believe. Does anyone know where I might be able to get these brand new.


Unregistered guest
Hi everyone! Glad I found this thread about TDL speakers. I've been offered to buy a speaker called TDL Cheviot or TDL CF 300 or TDL GF 300, I'm not really sure! :-)
Does anyone know anything about these speakers?? I think they are about five years old, what could be a reasonable price for them?
Very helpful for all the information I can get!

Unregistered guest
Hi, I also just found this webpage. I own a pair of TDL Monitor Compact since 1989 or 1990 which I bought as a kit (the cabinet was unpainted but ready) from a dealer in Germany. Building from kit made the price MUCH more attractive. I still have the building plans with all cabinet measurements for those who are interested in building their own. You can mail me at:
I allways especially loved the deep warm bass of the TDL MC. As a critical remark, I found out that my MC is sensitive about placement and the room it is placed in. I read that it sounds best in rooms from 40m2 and up. I guess moving into a bigger house is the only option :-(
I also have a test review of the MC kit and some technical data.

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Username: Niloque

Liverpool, Merseyside UK

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I have a pair of TDL RTL3 loudspeakers for sale, which are of excellant condition.

Boxed, and still in their polyethene bags.

Barely ran in! only correspondence concerning the purchase of these units please.


Unregistered guest
I have a pair of TDL Monitors (4-way )which are in Very good condition fitted with latest tweeters in Light Rosewood and come with optional stands. I bought these recenlty and they are amaizing but need a bigger room than I have (I had them up at my parent to try them in their living room which is much bigger than mine and they sounded sublime). True 18Hz bass extension, fast midrange and very musical. 600 pounds located in Scotland.

Unregistered guest
Hi, I am loooking for a TDL bi-radial bass driver with with 6 Ohms = 'TDL 3021 GT03 - 6 Ohm' (not the 'TDL 3021 GT01 - 8 Ohm' version). Can anyone help me please? Thanks and rgds, ED

Unregistered guest

I've a pair if TLD RTL3's I've been using with an ancient 100wpc Sansui C77 pre-amp and B77 power amp pair.

The sounded great, but unfortunately the power amps speaker socket's have finally disintegrated after 20 years.

Can anyone recommend a modern amp to go with these. As usual I'm probably going to see what is available at Richersounds. At present they have a Cambridge Audio Azur 640A that people seem to think is very good.

Any advice much appreciated. Johnie

Unregistered guest
Great to see all the interest in TDL speakers. I used to live in H Wycombe but could never afford the big trasmission lines, although they sounded excellent whever I heard them.
I have a pair of RTL3s - I upgraded the crossovers with audio-grade polyprop capacitors - making the treble much sweeter than with tired electrolytics. I'd like to replace the ferrite cored inductors with air-cored versions. Does anyone know the correct values - it's not as easy as replacing the caps! Thks

Unregistered guest
I got some replacement tweeters for my TDL RTL 4's from the very helpful people at Wilmslow Audio:
D27TG-45-06 soft dome Tweeter(Reference #vifa27)
90dB ~ 6 ohm ~ 104mm o/dia ~ 50mm deep ~ 26mm vc ~ 100w power ~ 650Hz Fs ~ 1.5-30kHz range
Price: £29.79 (Excluding: VAT at 17.5%)


Unregistered guest
Ciao, sono il webmaster del sito, e l'ultimo riveditore italiano delle TDL ha ancora disponibili dei ricambi per le TDL. Hanno risolto dei problemi a dei visitatori del mio sito.
Cerco lo schema e delle foto del cross-over delle Studio 4, per aiutare un visitatore del mio sito.

Hello, i'm the webmaster of site.
I want to pass on that the Audiogamma ( has still spare parts of woofer for TDL.I.m looking for plan and photo of cross-over for TDL Studio 4.

Unregistered guest
Hmmmmmmm........many of these post's "rave" about the sound of these speakers yet roughly half have defective or blown drivers. Thats nothing to rave about in my book. Are the drivers used that poor quality or did everyone just collectively end up drastically underpowering them?

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There is a large TDL Electronics speaker on sale on Ebay, if anyone is interested.

It's a working speaker and the seller would be interested in parting it out if the prices were right. The link is below. MESE%3AIT&rd=1


Unregistered guest
Hi, I have blown a cross-over in one of my RTL-4s and can't find the specs to obtain a replacement. Does anyone know what cross-over I can use as replacement or where I can find the specs?


Unregistered guest
hi All,

I' m looking at a pair of Vintage Transmission Line Design using KEF Units - B139s, B110s & T27s
under the brand name of " LENTEC "

The owner told me they are British Made and he bought them way back in the 1970's

The size of each speaker cabinet is approx ... 4' x 2' x 2'

They have a sweet & very natural sound.

Could somebody, or anybody tell me whether these are genuine IMF of KEF Transmission Line Speakers

Would really appreciate all your feedback !

Thanks !!


J. Vigne
Unregistered guest
The Lentecs used KEF drivers (as did many companies back then) and where a transmission line design. Transmission lines are a type of enclosure design as are ported and acoustic suspension, so a transmission line can be produced by any company. IMF did the most research in the 70's and therefore many companies copies their designs. Only IMF made genuine IMF transmission line speakers.
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