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Hi Everyone,

I have this Amp, Marantz PM7200, and 2 weeks ago something went wrong. Not sure what it is exactly but some of you may know that this amp has a CLASS-A switch. That thing was turned ON when the prob occured. Suddenly the sound was very low and very distorted. So, it seems that the Class-A chip has died. When I put it back to normal mode, the sound is back to normal, BUT the issue is that when I put it too loud (and that's not even half of the full volume, maybe 4 out of 10) it shuts off by itself after 1min.

So now I'm bit lost.... no clue what to do.
This month there are various discounts for new amps and such... and I saw the same amp in a shop nearby my home with a discount. Shoudl I try to fix it or make it fixed? Maybe it's something easy... but I don't know much about amps and how they're built...
Or should I just go buy a new one?

If you had to chose between one of those, what'd u recommend?

thanks :-)

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The very best thing you can do is go and audition some units if you can. Do extensive research into reviews and what equipment pairs well. After all its better than regretting a purchase and wanting to change it.

The second best thing you can do is try and always buy new. I had a bad experience with an amp from ebay. It had many faults. I then had a bad experience with some speakers from ebay that were battered etc.

New. Audition.

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I would say that there's nothing wrong with buying used. The problem is the where from.

A good dealer has avenues to great used equipment that has been very well taken care of at discount price. Ebay has......well, who knows?

And audition is key. Audition at home is better.

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Better put actualy stryvn.
Buy used from reputable dealers who have tested equipment etc.
DON'T buy from ebay. Its not worth it. I resold the duff amp I bought at a loss then bought a brand new one for exactly the same amount!

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Is a duff amp like duff beer?

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Unfortunately the PM7200 has a reputation for dying early. A great sounding amp but poor build/design seems to get 'em in the end. The PM7200 has a deep, almost seismic full bass but very little control over that bass which can get very slow and flabby. The midrange and treble are great for a budget amp, however. I found NAD amplification to be a good step-up from the Marantz. It will give much tighter, faster bass at this price point.

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I thought about a NAD too, heard good thigns about them. justnot sure which one, haven't looked at that yet.

True about the Marantz bass, very warm and clean but you have to turn the BASS knob quite open.

just to make things clear, the discounts that are there are for new stuff. It's not second-hand at all.

tx for replies so far.

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"Is a duff amp like duff beer?"

Yep just like it Nuck. I'll let you audition it sometime, it pours a ice cold pint of beer right in front of you :P which really enhances your listening.

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I've had good and bad experiences buying used stuff on ebay.

amps = bad
speakers = good
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