JVC RX8030VBK 6.1,130w x 6 at 8 ohm.........


John peterson.
Does anyone have it and your advices ?.

Thanks in advance .

I think it's the best deal ever http://www.costco.com/frameset.asp?trg=subcat%2Easp&catid=79&subid=80&hierid=3840&log=&NavTop=

130w x 6 channels ...what a monster .I'm gonna oder one and will test it to see how it work.
I think this is very new model and no one has tried it yet.

This is the best I've seen only because of Costco's great return policy(no questions asked). Moneywise, BestPriceAudioVideo.com duplicates it because Costco charges both tax and shipping..only shipping at BestAudio. Now if one of the six Costcos in the north Chicago burbs has it, Im in business. :)

Is it 5.1 or true 6.1?

Ht nOviCe
Its true 6.1 but im using the "7.1" It has every single thing but THX which I hear is the same as DD-EX anyways.I love my JVC-8030 I thought PL2 was gonna be better though it sounds EXACTLY like pro-logic although the music and movie modes are cool I usualy use "ALL CH STEREO" And this thing pumps!on 45% volume ALL my walls are shaking!

Thats good to hear. Hows the separation in 7.1? Well defined? I just found out my neighbor changed jobs a month ago and is now a service tech for Circuit City, he's gonna pick up an 8030 for me for his employee price of $215...:) Trouble is he just left for a 2 week vacation. :(
But its worth the wait for that kind of savings.

Ht nOviCe
to tell the truth...both the speakers put out the same thing. i have the surround back speakers set too +10db because the channel is split between two speakers so you can barely hear them.there cant be any"seperation"because they put out the same thing thats why i said "7.1" not true 7.1.its kinda dual 6.1.but all in all two speakers is betta than one!

Ht nOviCe, are using the "pre-amp" out? Even if it has a "pre-amp" out, the "software" is 6.1, so how are you listening 7.1? And what's the "amplified" speaker?


"are you using"...I mean...

Ht NoviCe
its not "7.1" i meant its just a dual mono signal.

Ok, but what speaker you put in your the "pre-amp" out?

Ht NoviCe
i dont use pre-outs it powered by the internal amp

...but how does it "7.1" if it is only "6.1"? Where do you connect the 7th speaker?!


Ht VeTeRaN
it has two surround back outputs for opne channel for a "simulated 7.1 "look at the back of the 8030 right here -- http://www.crutchfield.com/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?s=0&cc=01&g=10420&id=morephotos&pi=2&i=257RX8030V&display=XL #morephotos :note the two outputs!

OK, Ht, now I got it - thanks


RX-7030VBK: "Banana Plugs for easy speaker connections (Main 1/Center/Surround/Dual surround back for 7.1 hookup)"

So, it seems one ampliflier is "split" in two(or something similar) - I thought one would need an external amplifier...cool feature!

As you see, RX-7030VBK has this feature too and it's cheaper than 8030VBK - great value it seems - I read excellent reviews about this line of receivers at circuitcity.

Another cool feature this receiver has is the "virtual surround back". And it's 110W per channel!

I hope I can find this baby at Brazil...

7030 back:

You see, the 8030's back is different, has a "PREOUT" section...not amplified, I guess.

This has to be a misprint but get in before they catch it. 8030 for $254 + free shipping!!


Does anyone know if CostCo carries this item in store or is it an online item only. This is the best price I have seen for a new item.

Check www.pricescan.com because a couple of store had it cheaper than Costco.
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