192hz/24 bits "dumb" question...



Sorry for asking something that simple but I cannot quite understand it.

I have a receiver which has a 192hz/24bit DAC and I'm planning to buy a new DVD player which has the same capable DAC (192hz/24bit).

What I wanted to know was if for me to being able to obtain the best sound from these components I would have to interconnect them digitally (coax or opt) or analog (RCA plug L/R), the first one would be the option for DTS or DD but what about music?.

I am planning to use my DVD player for movies and music (CD, DVD-A) so it confuses me if there is away to being able to enjoy both worlds (movies, music) without sacrificing quality.

My doubt arised when thinking about what a DAC means (digital-analog converter) and then thinking that for achieving that sample rate the connection between both devices would have to be an analog one.

Thanks for your time and patience.

In your case you SHOULD achieve the same bandwidth and noise level with either connection because both your analog and digital inputs are full bandwidth. You could save yourself a conversion (and possible audio degradation) step by using the digital connection. The 192/24 analog outputs on your player would only be usefull in a fully analog system. Since most of us have Dolby decoding receivers, everything that is sent into them is converted back to digital, proccessed, then converted back to analog before amplification.

Be aware that to take full advantage of this bandwidth, your amp and speakers need to be flat to 96KHz.

I wouldn't worry about it. Use the digital connection.

Hi Derek:

Thank you for answering my question on such a short notice.

Abusing of your kindness could you tell me how can I tell if my speakers are, as you call it "flat 96hz" ?.


You would have to measure them or find a frequency response chart from the manufacturer. Most will at least list the frequency range in the manual or the web site. I don't know of any speakers that are, though I'm sure there has to be at least one or two.

If you have a tweater larger than 1/2 inch it can't be flat to 96KHz.

Hi Derek:

I just wanted to thank you for answering my questions.

It all makes sense now.

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