Help! My Sherwood receiver keeps cutting out


My sherwood receiver has recently started to cut out, effectively going into standby when i increase the volume to a reasonable level and once it has warmed up a little, it also cuts out when i turn up the volume of the rear speakers, it has only started doing this since i got new speakers but i have put my old speakers in and it still cuts out.

P.s. I have checked all of the wires are connected correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It's either overheating or the new speakers have such low impedence that the receiver is damaged. Try connecting the old speakers and turn the receiver off letting the receiver cool down completely then play it as you want. If the reciever plays normally, then its the impedence of the new speakers. It is also possible that the new speakers are so inefficient that you are actually having to turn the receiver up much higher to reach the same amount of loudness.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply Derek, i have tried my old speakers but my receiver still cuts out, the impedence of the old speakers are 8ohms and the new ones are 4-8ohms. I'd be surprised if its a problem with the new speakers because they are made by eltax and it says on the box that they can be used as front speakers in a home cinema set-up. It looks like the reciver may be damaged, I'll have to get it looked at.

Problem solved! (hopefully)
I have just replaced the small rear speakers for a larger pair and it seems to be working fine now, hasn't cut off once.
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