Avr1803 or sr5300 & am6II + vcs10 + powered sub?


I'm looking at a second system, had bugeted around $3000au ($2000us) but came across the denon avr 1803 + bose am6II for $1650au, thinking I can beef it up with a powered sub & a vcs10 centre with the spare bucks (then use the standard cube centre as cenre rear for 6.1) other thought was 301 fronts 201 rears vcs10 centres + sub but havent priced that combo yet. any ideas appreciated

ps: also like the marantz sr5300 however it's $350au extra.

Try the 1803 (or the Onkyo 601) and an Athena 5.1 system. It will sound better (I have them) and it should cost you around $1000US. Step up to some NHT, Energys or Paradigms and a $500 HSU VTF-2 to reach $2000US. You wont be sorry.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Derek, I'm going with the 1803 and the energy 5.2 pack, I'll let you know how it sounds once I've set it up
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