Problems with Marantz SR5200


Hello all!

I have a Marantz SR5200 A/V Receiver and I have noticed the following operational bugs/problems:

1. Sometimes the receiver loses the speaker settings (mainly size of speakers and speakers present in the system)

2. In order to get real LOUD sound, I have to open the volume to about 80% of the maximum value.
I use KEF Concerto One as main loudspeakers. Is this logical with an amplifier that claims 90Watt output power per channel?

3. I recently connected an active subwoofer through the Subwoofer Pre-Out. I noticed that when the amplifier is in S-DIRECT mode of operation, no output is produced in the subwoofer.

Does anyone has noticed the same problems?

WOW...I Just posted the EXACT same problem in another thread, related to my speakers, Energy C-7, CC-1 and CR-1.

My Marantz SR5200 does NOT power these speakers adequately...I have to get it up near 0dB to get any sound, and then it sounds strained and artificial, not full and rich the way it should through these speakers... I don't have any of the other problems... I don't have a sub hooked up right now.

Anyone with advice, please email me or post here.

Regarding point no 3 mentioned above, I have to make a correction.

When S-DIRECT mode is ON you can only have output to the subwoofer with DVDs. With any other kind of input (music CDs, TUNER etc.) you have to go to S-DIRECT mode OFF in order to get low frequencies output.

anybody know how to amend speaker settings (level) without a remote ?
I've lost mine and can't change the settings.
Anybody know where to get a replacement ?
My sr5200 seems lost wihtout one ?
I had a sr4200 as well - and its remote, despite bizarrely being called an sr5200 won't work with its big brother ?)

Your posting about the lack of sub output in direct mode brings up a good point about all of us making recommendations about receivers we have not lived with. I like the Marantz sound alot but did not know about this particular quirk. It's rediculous not to have sub active in direct mode. I assume that it is active in stereo mode? Personally I want my sub active in any mode I choose and my Elite 45tx does except in 5 channel stereo mode which I don't use anyway cause it sucks. I guess we need to be careful about recommending products and when we are looking at this stuff in the stores we need to make sure of things like this. My old Pioneer 906 had the same quirk and it drove me nuts not to have an active sub with anything but movies. What are these manufacturers thinking!

steve gray
its suppose to
be direct mode this means no base management just use the front preouts into your sub in 2 channel mode 4 dts es choose 6.1 then direct mode sounds great on 007 and final distination 2 you do have 2 crank the volume near -5 to 0 db but their is 90 watts of power but not at once you have 2 buy a nad for that but all in all a very slick machine better than a 1803 or 2802

Steve Gray - Could you repost that using some of these full stops and commas: ,,,, ....

I accidentally switched the S-Direct mode on last night while fiddling with my SR4300. I still don't know how I turned it off (I think my friend's 18 month old son pressed something when I wasn't paying attention).

I was actually trying to get Terminator 2 to play in DTS. For some reason it was choosing Dolby Digital. We fiddled for a while, then discovered we'd chosen the wrong option from the on-screen menu and the amp was set up fine. Don't laugh - you've all done something similar.

But that S-Direct thing is wasted on me, I have to admit. If I don't want the sub, I'll turn it off at the switch. I certainly don't need a "feature" that has no obvious way of being turned off again.

I have 2 problems with my SR5200. The first one is that my sub-woofer no longer emits any sounds so I read the instructions and by going into the setup menu, I'm suppose to be able to tell the system that I have s sub-woofer. That leads to my second problem where I can't get the setup menu to display on my TV. I plugged an rca cable from the Monitor jack to my TV video in jack but I get nothing. Very frustrating.

Francois unfortunately you need to have s-vid to get on-screen programming.

I have a Marantz SR19EX receiver and recently added a Boston Acoustics PV8 Subwoofer. Every time the audio cuts out the subwoofer 'pops' like it is taking a hit on the input. This occurs whenever you pause,stop or fast forward a DVD as well as when the DVD changes between 5.1 or Prologic. I have verified the sub and DVD player are ok by adding a different DVD and trying the sub on another system. Any ideas?? Posibly a faulty switch?? Thanks - John


I am not sure that I agree with you, my friend. While I understand your point, Marantz is seeking to have the straightest and cleanest path from the source to the speakers with its "Source Direct" mode. Thus, it bypasses the DSP (no analog to digital conversion and back again to analog) which can muddy the sound. For us older stereo freaks, we really like this option.

It does present a problem, though for those people who have purchased mini satellites and a sub. In that case, simple "Stereo" mode (without pressing the "Direct" button) should give those people who want to us the sub what they need. So, you see, you can have it either way.

Cheers, good buddy!
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