High out-put receiver for under 700 for a work in progress system


I am looking at different recivers for my theater system. I don't want to go over $600 on the reciever. For now i have Polk RTi38 and Polk CSi30. I am going to have this in an apartment bedroom so it isn't a very big room maybe the 15 x 20. I was told that i should get a high output reciever for the system. This way when i get more money i would have a reciever that i wouldn't have to upgrade. The RTi38 were a good buy for my money at this time. They can be moved to the suround sounds speakers very easily from what i read.
I just need to find a reciever that is good. Eventually i will add the rest of the components to finish it off.
Was told to look at HK, Yamaha, and onkyo. Also told that panasonic just came out with a new high output reciver for the first time. Don't know if u should mess with something first yr it is out. What are ur opinions on possible recivers for me. If u have a different company that will work i would like to hear. should i go with a 5.1 or 6.1 receiver?

Thanks for the help

Audio Guy
Pioneer Elite vsx-41 would be a great receiver for you. It has all the bells and whistles you need for movies (DD-EX and DTS-ES). But the receiver really shines in the 2 channel listening environment. You can find this receiver for $599 at an upscale audio store, and a lot less on the net, (buyer beware on-line - no warranty).

Good luck.
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