Need help to find a good amp


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I am getting Polk Audio db5250 for fronts and Pioneer TS-A6971R 6x9 for the rears. The Pioneers need 2-40 watts RMS and Polks 10-100 watts RMS. My head unit only puts out 17 watts RMS. So anyone that could help me out cause i am a newb would be great.

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My budget is around $250.

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Psst...noob. This is home audio. Car audio would yield better results.

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i'll take this thread to ask for opinion. I know about car audio but nothing about home audio. Well, just basic stuff but when it comes to brands, i need help.

My friend has a MPA-250A from radioshack and he wants to upgrade to something better. Budget is low of course, but at least some good suggestions and also if some1 knows the power of this amp would be great.


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Define "low budget".

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The Radio Shack MPA-250A is a servicable two channel amplifier that works well as a "mid-fi" home amp or a limited duty pro/ commercial amp. It's rated at 125 W/Ch into 4 ohm loads. Probably makes around 100 W/Ch into 8ohm loads. Not rated into 2 ohms which usually means it will sound best into 8 ohms. 250 W/Ch bridge mono into 8 ohms. If you bridge it, be certain your speaker load is 8 ohms or higher. Full power bridge mono 4 ohms life expectancy would "brief". The meters are likely to be accurate at 8 ohms stereo loads ONLY. Certainly one of Radio Shack's finest!

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