Best matching Speakers for Denon 3803?


I recently bought the Denon 3803 reciever to match with my Paradigm Titan Speakers as my 2 main's. The 3803 is huge improvement over my previous Kenwood reviever so I would like to upgrade my main's for awesome stereo sound and move my Titans to the rear. Does anyone have a recomendation as to which speakers are the best match for denon 3803 recievers? Also my budget is anywhere from $500 - $1,000, let me know.

Thank you,

Try M&K system 750THX or the newer series 850.
They match perfectly! the cost is over $2000 for the 5.1 system though.

If you just want the 750THX Mains, they are $750.00 LIST for the pair. Can Probably be had for about $575-600 a pair if you shop around.

For instance, my system will consisit of 3 M&K S-150's for the Mains and Center. List on these are $875.00 each. I can get these for $650.00 each.

The rears I have on order are the M&K S150 Tripoles.

I do have a pair of Infinity IL-40's and a Infinity IL36c Center I will give you a very good deal on. All are in perfect condition and are Cherry Wood. If interested, let me know your e-mail address here.


Heck--I'd stay with Paradigms. I'd go with either the Studio 40's or the Studio 60's. The 40's are large bookshelf speakers and the 60's are full length floor speakers. Both are excellent. If I was listening to stereo with no subwoofer I'd go with the 60's. If you have a surround system I'd definitely go with the 40's. High quality bookshelf speakers like these (while they don't have quite the bass of the same speaker in a floor length speaker because of cabinet size)image considerably better. They are in the thousand dollar range and I am sure you could get the 40's for less than 1K with not much dealing. And both these speakers are in Paradigms Reference series---in other words they are basically their best at their price points. If you need to save a little more money you can also go with the studio 20's. These Paradigms--partiularly the 40's and 60's are a can't miss. Particularly with the Paradigms you already have and they are real nice looking in the "Rosemah" finish.

Referring to my above post, I was just thinking---if you could get a pair of Monitor Audio G10's in their Gold Reference series for about 1K I would go with them (they list for about $1495). But that is just personal taste. Heck, if I was building a new home theatre set-up I would buy 2 pairs of G10's, along with their wonderful Center channel, and go with their mid-priced subwoofer. Great in any room up to 15 feet X 20 feet or smaller. Probably great in an even larger room. To be honest, I have never listened to a system in that price range that came close in sound quality and overall presentation. Probably the best DVD Video experience and DVD-Audio and SCDC experience I ever had was listening to these. Better than systems I had heard over 2 or 3 times more expensive. Incredible---listening doesn't get better than that.

Of course, what I said about the Paradigms is still valid. You couldn't go wrong with them.

Thank you for your input. Do either of you have an opinion of the Kef Q5 Floor Standing speakers? I heard they are pretty amazing as well, and can be had for under $1,000.

All I can say is listen to them--preferably in your house. Without listening I'd purchase the Paradigm's or maybe the Monitor Audio's. I know the Paradigm's and Monitor Audio's are excellent. The KEF's may be good---haven't heard them. But I know KEF isn't quite the company it was a decade or two ago.

How about Energy C-5?

This is a good question and it is one I have been thinking about since I bought my 3803. I have Klipsch reference speakers and I am NOT happy with the sound combination for music. After over six months with this setup, I am leaning towards the Paradigm Studio 40s. I think they are neutral enough to tame the slight harshness I notice with the music when it is not set in pure direct mode, yet it is efficient enough not to remind me daily that I only own a receiver and can't afford separates :o) I will look closely at B&W and Monitor Audio, but they may be a little rich for my wallet at this time. I will keep you posted though...

I realize to many this may be a heresy, but I definitely prefer bookshelf speakers on stands in the front left and right positions--except if your room is truly enormous. 99% of the time I find that good bookshelf speakers through a far superior image than tower speakers. This may explain why I greatly prefer my Monitor Audio G10's over the top of the line PSB Stratus Gold's that I have downstairs. For some reason I always here the instruments placed in space far better with bookshelf speakers on stands. I also greatly prefer the directionality of bookshelf speakers as my surrounds for the same reason. The non-directional firing of rear surrounds rarely does it for me.

I have a Monitor Audio system and have had the 3803 and they would be a very bad combination. The 3803 is way to bright to pair with the Monitors. Stick with Paradigm and since you want to use the Titans as surrounds you should listen to the Paradigm 7's or the 5's. These are nice and won't cost you alot. I like the Studio series very much but they don't match well with the Titans. I don't know how Paradigm makes such good sounding speakers at the prices the go for. I choose the Monitors over the Studio 40's but it was close and a big reason was the Monitor silver center was so good. Buy the Paradigms and you cant' go wrong.

I agree with one of the other anonymous: listen to your choice before buying it.


Having lived with my Denon for several months now, I have also experimented with a number of different speakers. I think it is hard, especially for music programs. The Denon does much better with HT.

Nevertheless, I like your Paradigms, but I can understand where it would leave you dissatisfied. I would suggest B + Ws would be a good combo. Check out the CM2s, which are a two way bookshelf, or the 603, Series 3, a floor standing speaker. I would also suggest a Dynaudio 52 (bookshelf).

Give them a listen, with your receiver (take it with you and have the dealer plug it into his board, if necessary). Good luck!

I recommend checking out the PSBs or the B&Ws book shelfs. I believe these speakers will create musical combination with the Denon. The PSBs and the B&Ws are relatively easy to drive as well. The Denon is a good musical receiver and the PSBs and B&Ws have gardenered many awards in many audio magazine. It should be a stunning combination.

For the money, I believe this will be the best bang for the buck.


I forgot to tell you that I have had my best luck using Mission speakers with my Denon. They work very well together. Look for some Mission 780s.
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