Yamaha E150 or Denon DM31 ???


Justin Philpott

Just trying to decide between these two systems.. I've heard good things about both and I'd like to get some thoughts from others who perhaps have some firsthand experience??



Some of the Denons come with Mission speakers which are very good. Yamaha is not as well known for thier speakers.

which one did you end up buying...are you happy with your purchase?

Joong-In Rhee
The denon system got better ratings from Hifichoice.com I think they sound better too - more quality, although smaller in sound stage. I will go for quality over quantity when it comes to sound. Just about the best sounding mini you can find for the price. Check for refurb. units on the internet for less.

How about use Denon mini system (DF-101) with Rogers speakers (Ds 30) ? Is that match ?

I had the same dilemma!!!!!

I bought the Yamaha E-150 instead of the Denon about a year ago and I must say that the sound quality of the E-150 system is really really good. I know Yamaha are not renowned for their speakers, but they did well with this system.


The system began suffering major internal problems which led to intermittent skipping of CD's. This week, Yamaha refunded my money, as they didnt know what the problem was!!!!

I have now invested in the Denon D-M31 System.

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The Denon D-M31 is THE best system on it's class!
And with Mission Speakers!!!

But I like the Yamaha also!


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Hi, I have a Denon F101, after having listened to many serious Hi-Fi decks like the NAD and also other simular systems like the Yamaha, it became ovbious that when turned up loud, the Denon is in a league of its own, but at low voloumes there is not much between the systems at all, the best way to chaeck is to try them ata store which stocks both Hi-Fi'z and play them one after another.

Has anyone upgraded the standard Mission speakers with the Denon DM31? I was considering an upgrade to the new Mission 31i speakers for improved bass response?

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