SON HTDDW750 Sony Home Theater System Question


First of all, it should be known that I am a complete moron when it comes to electronics. I just purchased this budget-system for my home and I cannot figure out how to get DD 5.1 or DTS to work. I E-Mailed Sony and they said that I have to use a coaxial or optical connection to get the systems "A.F.D. Mode" to work.

1. Is "Coaxial" the same kind of wire as the cable TV connection? If so how do I connect the reciever, the cable box and my TV all up through those wires?

1a. On the back of the reciever, there is an orange connection input that says it's for the "coaxial" connection, but where do I hook that orange wire to? I don't see any orange connections on my TV, DVD players, or videogame systems...

2. My son has his Xbox, PS2, GameCube, etc hooked up to it also, how would I use a optical cable to get DTS or DD 5.1 out of the DVD Player, PS2 and Xbox?

I hope one of you can please help me.
Thank You.

Ok, now I got one of my DVD players to work through the coaxial connection and it plays in DTS just fine, but it doesn't seem to play in Dolby Digital 5.1, any reason for this?

Also, I have the Xbox connected to my TV through component video cables with an opital cable running from the cable to the back of the reciever. I still don't get DTS or DD 5.1 that way. It doesn't even seem to be able to notice that an optical cable is connected.

Anyone have any tips for me on how to set this up.

The xbox has setting in the dashboard. AUDIO options need to be set to Surround sound, and dolby digital ON.

DTS will work when you have the system set to run in "VIDEO 2" mode. To get 5.1 Dolby, switch to "DVD mode" ...

Mode may not be the politically accurate term here.. What i mean to say is the buttuns on the front of the receiver, press the "DVD" one for 5.1 Dolby, and the "VIDEO 2" for DTS.. Dolby will run through your Coaxal output, and DTS through your OPTICAL.. You can purchase the OPTICAL cable (not included) from Circuit City.. I suggest the one made by THX ...

hope this helps..


I recently bought the HT-DDW750 and set it up.
When I play the DVD or the VCR (or even the Cable/Sattelite) - there is
hardly any volume from 1 to 30 - while 30 to 40 being just audible - nice sound 40 up...
I have checked the connections and tried with the settings with no
I like the quality of the system but cannot explain why there is no
audible output in the whole lower half of the volume spectrum.

If there is any response to the level of the DDW750 I am too interested as I am experiencing the same issue.

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I've not had any issue with the volume, unless it also hooked to the TV. But, when I play a DVD I run it solely through the receiver via optical (ex: DVD optical connection goes directly to the receiver).
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