Please Help!!!!


I'm starting to loose my mind!! I just got my new Pioneer VSX D912K receiver. The instructions are horrible and the remote has a very steep learning curve. Anyway, I cannot get sound out of my tv via the digital coaxial input. When I installed the old fashioned wires for sound it worked. I also cannot get my DVD picture. I have it hooked up via component outs. The receiver is hooked up to the tv via s video. Could that be a problem because the dvd is not hooked up with component? I played with all the settings and everything is right. I also unhooked and redid everything and, again, everything is right

Thanks in advance!!

I don't know the receiver but try these things:

1. Do you have to assign the digital input to a source? Most receivers leave the digital inputs disabled until you tell it what source they belong to (CD, DVD, SAT etc.). An LED of a scrolling display should tell you when the receiver has locked onto a digital signal

2. Do you have to enable the digital out on the DVD player? Some players, by default, do not have them enabled. Some players have to be told to produce PCM, Dolby Digital or in the case of my Philips - RAW...which leads me to my final tip.

3. Have you tried selecting Stereo, Dolby 2.0 and Dolby 5.1 from the movie root menu? For simplicity try a plain audio CD.

Hope this helps.
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