Sony STR-DB870 or Kenwood VR6060?


I currently have the Sony, and although the Dolby Digital surround is great, when watching TV for instance, the output from the rear speakers is not that great. I was thinking of switching to the Kenwood so I could utilise the Theater mode 5 speaker stereo. Would this be a mistake? anyone have an opinion for me?

Have you adjusted the STR-DB870 to your configuration ? Height, size, listening position and wall texture ? Have you selected a program on the STR that uses 5 speakers ? Some of these program use only 2 speakers. You can ajust the volume of the rear speakers too.

I have the DB870 and I am quite happy with it. The only problem with this amp is when you have a tape deck and a MD. Only one can connect.

I have the DB870 and I am quite happy with it too.
i want to konow how to adjust eq of that receiver. please help me

If you are going to switch go to something better than Kenwood or Sony. Neither is a real quality product. I saw on J&R's website they have the Onkyo 601 refurbished for $299.88. Much better unit than Sony or Kenwood. Look at various sites for closeouts on H/K 325s.

I've owned a VR6060 going on a year now, and I'm quite happy with it. Until recently I did have an issue with low sound coming from the surround speakers, but this turned out to be a limitation with the Cable coax cable providing only mono sound. I recently switched to Dish Network, and its box has RCA A/V outputs, which I run directly to my HiFi VCR, wich in turns acts as a "tuner" allowing full stereo sound. You have no idea how incredibly surprised I was when I turned the TV on and suddenly the back speakers came to life!
Although some of the sound modes are not really that great, I have come to fully customized my listening preferences, and I'm quite happy with the results.
The remote control is another plus of my VR6060. I do have about five other remotes for my various audio/visual components, but they all sit, without batteries, in a small "craddle". I have programmed every single one of them into my VR6060's!
As for speakers, my main speakers are Technics, and my center, subwofer, and surround are Onkyo. This last four I purchased at Circuit City for just $250.00. My surround speakers were intended to be the main speakers, but they can't beat the Technics I already had. The original Onkyo surround speakers are still wrapped in their original plastic.
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