Panasonic SA-HE 100K


OK I've had the receiver for almost a year I think. Since only a few of the movies I have are in DTS, I never turned te DTS on. My question is why when I turn it on now, does DTS not work on my SA-HE 100K? I have gone over the instructions at least 20 times and think I have everything set correctly, but it's still not working. I read somewhere that someone had a similar probelm and it was a bad chip. Anyone have any help or info for me?

It should automatically come on when you choose the DTS audio track on the DVD.Do you go to the audio setup on the DVD menu(the disc menu,not your reciever) and choose DTS?If you don't you will not get DTS,it will default to Dolby surround 5.1.I have that unit and it is great,especially with DTS.If I have a choice on the DVD,I always choose the DTS audio.

I select it through the DVD. My receiver is set to automatically read what sound mode I select, however it has a "fix dts" option that will force dts if needed. Neither the auto nor the fix dts option work. When I have the DTS selected on the DVD, the movie has no sound and doesn't default to 5.1. My receive play dolby digital fine and I see the digital light on and get great sound that way, but I have never had the dts light on and had any sound come through.

Thats puzzling.Which kind of digital input are you using?

I am using an optical digital input. What's strange is that I get dolby digital over the line, just not the DTS. I'm suspect to the possibility of the DTS decoder not working.

That happens to me too. I thought it is because DTS only works for multi-channel inputs for my case and not for optical.

Rich and Anon..
Are you getting the word"digital" when you play a DVD on the front display?And are you in surround mode(don't use the SFC button,it doesn't work with DTS or Dolby Digital)And Rich,make sure you have the optical imput on OPT 3 in the back.Hope some of this helps.

Guys, it might have nothing at all to do with your receiver. A couple of months ago I hooked up my brothers 100K and couldnt figure out why I couldnt get the DTS to go. Turns out his RP-62 DVD player's default setting is "DTS=off"..I simply turned it on and wellah...DTS in all its glory.

Duh,I completely forgot about the DVD player settings!I know what you mean,my bud has a DVD player that has the DTS/DD option(which I think is a hassle)

OK I contacted Panasonic and talked to them. I did go through everything including my DVD Player when checking the DTS and that's not the problem. I do get the words digital when I play movies, but I don't get the DTS. The Panasonic technician confirmed my suspicions that the DTS decoder is not functioning. From what I have read, this is a common problem in these models, however, my warrantee is up so I have to pay for repairs out of pocket (I did complain to Panasonic and they said they would cover some or all of the repairs depending on what was wrong).
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