Hooking up digital for the first time


Hello all,
I just purchased a Sony STR DE 825 Receiver to replace my old Sony STR AV 1020. The Prologic center is no longer working on the old receiver and I bought the DE 825 for the same price as repairing the AV 1020.

I am now hooking up my components and am a little confused on the use of the digital inputs. Both the laser disc player and DVD player have both coaxial and optical digital outputs and my CD player has an optical digital output only.

I have several questions about the hookups
1. Do the digital hookups replace the standard red/white RCA audio cables or do they work in conjunction with the RCA cables?

2. The receiver has an optical input for a TV/DBS signal. Can I hookup my Playstation 2 or DVD to this input or do i need the RCA cables hooked up for the PS2 or DVD to play properly?

3. The manual states I need an RF demodulator to play my laserdisc player with AC3 5.1 surround. My LDP does not have an AC3 RF out jack but it has both optical and coaxial digital outputs. Will the Dolby AC 3 work properly using the coaxial or optical digital output or do I need the demodulator as well?

The manual is not really clear on these subjects.
It states that in order to get the 5.1 surround the digital hookups are needed, but in does not state is instead of or along with the RCA cables.

It appears that the TV/DBS inputs can be hooked up to any component but the manual does not specifically state this either.

Thank you for your answers

1. Replace.
2. Use the TV/DBS for your Playstation.
3. The coax or optical will work for AC3.
4. Instead of.
5. Plug anything into the TV/DBS input.

Hope this helps.

Brent Richards
Thank you, Derek
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