Getting out of Yamaha Rec,Best choice for Klipsch


I am getting rid of my Yamaha RXV 800 and want to get a Rec that will go good with my speaker system witch is Klipsch Chours 2 mains RC 3 center Kg 2 rears and I just bought a set of ss1
for 7.1 Rec. I live in the country and do not have a audio shop near by that I can go and check out different Rec, I have to travel about 100 miles to get to a good audio store and then they don't have the Klipsch speakers that I have
they have'nt been made for about 10 yrs. I shop online now for my audio needs as it saves a lot of money and travel. I use to run a carver pre amp and amp befor I went with home theater and
can not find a new carver Rec, and I can't afford sunfire. I would like to keep the pric
below $1,200 and have a Rec that works well with the Klipsch.

John K.
The Pioneer 45TX is a very powerful receiver with an automatic MCACC system to calibrate your speakers to match your listening room. It can be found for around $800.

The Pioneer is a good choice, but I would also recommend a Harman/Kardon 525 to go with your Klipsch speakers. I think it has a better power supply than the Pioneer, and I also think the Pioneer is a bit on the fuzzy side. As you have found out, both the Klipsch and Yamaha are on the bright side and make a poor combo (although both are very very good products in their own right--they just don't go together!). The Harman/Kardon is avaialable from One Call ( for $699.99 (or less if you want the factory refurbished model).

Good luck!

Am looking for a source to repair a Carver Component(a Mid-west source would be convenient!). I am currently driving my Klipsch's with NAD equipment and look forward to added performance. Any comments or suggestions?
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