Denon 3803, H/K 525 or pioneer elite 45 tx


Dan Ledbetter
I have a Yamaha RXV 800 and the remote failed.
This has turned me off to Yamaha and will not buy one again. I am stepping up to a 7.1 Rec
and have narrowed down to these 3. My system set up is Klipsch Chors 2 front, Klipsch RC 3 center, Klipsch Kg 2 rear and have just bought
Klipsch ss1 for the 7.1 set up I don't use a sub
as the chours 2 have 15 inc woffers. I would like to get some feed back on what Rec you guys think would match up well with my speaker set up.
Thanks Dan.


Probably any of those 3 would make good choices. They are all very similar in functionality and price. Many people like the H/K for sound quality. And it may be underrated for it's power output, (70w) vs. the other 2 at about 100 to 110 w. per channel. You can get the Pioneer 45 tx and the 3803 on the net for about $800 and maybe the H/K for about $650 to $700. However, if you're going to use it for HT, one thing you may to look at is the Denon 3803 which features video switching and scaling. That's a nice feature for connecting multiple inputs of various types to your receiver and then one component video out to your tv. I'm pretty sure the other 2 don't have this feature yet. For the price range, I think the Denon may be one of the only ones that offers this. Something to think about.


Dan don't give up on Yamaha so easly. I would say give them another try. If you do try the yamaha RX-V3300. But if you really want 7.1, then I suggest that you STAY AWAY FROM HARMON KARDON!!!!!! I can not stress that any longer!! The H/K recivers SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!! Stick with Pioneer Elite or go to my favorite brand next to Yamaha, and that is DENON!!!!! You can't get any better!!!!! Test the Denon AVR-3803 and the THX Ultra and Ultra 2 certified AVR-4802 and AVR-4802R!!!!
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