If your lookin to buy...go for the 7080 for the WAY BETTER REMOTE. Its basicly just the 6070 in silver.

Brian Gorrell
I disagree somewhat with G.DawG. While the 7080's remote is very nice, the 7070's remote is still WAY BETTER than the 6070's without costing $100+ more. With the 6070, the remote changes to, and stays in, receiver mode each time you change the volume. You than have to press Video 2 or VCR or what not before changing the channel or controlling the VCR again. If you're like me, you constantly adjust the volume (commercial's, etc). This makes for a lot of extra key presses.

The new VR-7070 remote is smart enough to know what mode to use for each key. Press volume while it's in VCR mode and it knows to send the signal to the receiver without actually changing the remote to receiver mode. It has all the learning capability and keys of the 6070 remote. It also adds a record key (you could teach a key to do this with the 6070, but none of the labels resembled a record key). I also like the "rotary phone" style numeric pad. It feels natural to me. The remote is also smaller (may be bad if you have bad eyes or big thumbs though).

Overall, I am very happy with my 7070 remote and was very unhappy with the 6070 remote. Of note, however: the 7070's remote is not RF capable like the 6070 was. You can buy a RF remote extender/repeater from a third party for about $40 that adds this functionality if you need it.

As for the rest of the 7070, it is basically the same as the 6070, but silver. I think it sounds better, but that is probably from me messing with the default settings, so take that with a grain of salt.

If you're trying to get a bargain, you can't go wrong with the 7070. The cost should be the same or even less than the 6070 (which is hard to find anyways). The 7080 would be nice, but for me it's not worth $100 extra just for a LCD remote when the 7070's remote is very nice as is. You can always buy a fancy LCD remote from a third party later on if you want.

Larry Bud
I've been using my 7070 for 2 weeks now, and rather like it. It is the sound-center for my new home theater. I'm using it to drive an assortment of JBL speakers in a 6.1 setup ( P20s front, Ncenter, P10 sub, and 3 surrounds from an old esc200). I haven't had the cance to properly set the machine up yet (I'll pick up a work noise meter next week and have at it) but I like it already. I have a DVD player plugged in via coax, TV tuner via RCAs, and computer via RCAs on which I'm listening to a CD at the moment. (extra web-surf computer hooked to the projector)

Best as I can tell this is identical to the 6060 except for color and remote. Also only differs for the 7080 by remote. I kind of like the 7070 remote, but the light-up would be nice on the 7080 as the light from my projector is not quite enough to see the words on the keys. I think I will have all the keystrokes memorized soon (the remote layout makes pretty good sense) then I won't care about the lack of back-light

Olga Rush
Just received our 7070. Think it's a nice looking unit but can't seem to get it to work with what we have. Have all new things that should be compatible. Anyone have any suggesstions?

Do yourself a favor and look at other brands before you decide on the Kenwood. There are a lot of recievers out there that I think would out perform this brand. As you can see by the other posts everyone has thier own ideas but take a look a some of the new Yamha's. From the learning remote to the digital hookups, it has just about every feature you would expect from a receiver twice it's price.

Hi there. I bought the Vr-7070 in June but still haven't had the chance to use it because i don't have a decent surround speaker system. i see JBL have the new scs160si and was wondering if anybody in here has any opinions on that speaker system or other recommendations in the same price catergory. Also i'm looking for a decent 6.1 progressive scan multi zone dvd player (if such a unit even exista). your help would be highly appreciated

Alford Holland
I previously owned a 6070. Prior to that I owned almost every receiver available up to the B&K307.

The 6070 was as good as any receiver I ever used with HT but not very good with stereo music. I used it as a preamp and found it to be very good with music.

I would avoid Denon and Yamaha unless you desire features and not quality sound.

Please refrain from the hate mail. This advice is just from my experience.

Hi Zaheer,
I just bought the Kenwood 7070 and the JBL 6.1 speakers (scs160si) last night. Hooked everything up today and the sound is amazing! I'm having a problem however getting surround sound from my digital cable. I hooked it up with a coax cable and still only get R and L speakers. DVD works fine though - just like a movie theater! If anyone can help me with the digital cable issue, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

THanks, Lydia. Now if someone could perhaps help me with the DVD player one, it would be much appreciated.

Have you checked out the Pioneer is SACD, DVD audio and Windows media capable. I am contemplating on getting it myself to hook up with my Kenwood KRF-9070 (US 7080). But alas I have to wait to purchase if anyone has auditioned this unit, please...some info. It's US$179 @ Best Buy.
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