Denon AVR 1803 what is best speaker match with it ?


hi guys,

i already bought this receiver but i don't found yet what speaker is good for this (price around 300.00)

thanks a lot.

Not knowing what size room you have, what your taste in music is, or your preference in the type of sound, this is a real shot in the dark, but I will make a few suggestions. By the way, are you asking for a full 5.1 system for $300--I hope not. You simply won't get any where near the quality in your speakers that you already have in your receiver. My suggestions below are for a pair of stereo speakers that you can add to later for a full 5.1 system.

At this price, I would check out the PSB Alpha B (MSRP $299-Street $220), the NHT SB1 (MSRP $ 300), and if you can stretch just a bit, look into the Ascend acoustics CBM-170, which only available on the web ( for $328/pr. I haven't heard the 170s, but every review indicates that they are really sweet. You might also check out One Call ( for speakers. I know they are closing out the NHT SuperOnes for about $275/pr.

At a slightly higher price ($360/pr.) you can also get the Aperion Audio Intimus, which has also received rave reviews ( Finally, there are many loyal owners of Axiom speakers, but I haven't heard them. They have a very wide line ( which you may find something to your taste there.

Good luck

thank you for your kindness, hawk. actually i already got jbl for my l/r surround and centre. what i want now is a pair o stereo speaker but for your suggestion maybe i'll go for ascend acoustics since it get the good result from anathor owner.

thanks again

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