Harman Kardon AVR 325, Onkyo TXSR600, and Athena Point 5 will they really make a difference compared to what I already have


Please read and Respond with something!!

I want to get a taste (just a taste) of some of the high end quality that I've been reading about. I honestly fell like I've read every post on this forum and every other forum on the internet. I want to know without a doubt that these speakers and reciever will blow mine out of the water. Can Someone Help? To me, $1100 is still a lot of money to spend since I alread have a surround sound. Advice please.

I already know what most people are going to say to me on this forum b/c I've been reading it for some time. "My surround isn't that good, it's rca, etc..." I'm actually hoping that someone can give me some intelligent information about why a AVR 325 or TXSR600 and a Athena point 5 system will be a lot better than my current. (Some advice on which receiver with this system would help to) At the moment I have a cheap RCA RT2500 system. The receiver is 700w. 500w for the five surround channels and 200w for the sub. I know its odd that the sub isn't powered. These watts are at 6ohms so its not as powerful as the watts suggest.

This system only cost me 300 bucks total, clearance at radio shack. The Athena and avr325 is going to cost me 1097.26 at onecall.com which is a really good deal. I've read a couple of user reviews on the rca rt2500 who claimed to be ex-auido engineers. They said this system is really amazing for the price and comes close to the higher end speakers of its size. How much of a difference will the new system really make. My room size is about 17' by 14'.



You really can't compare apples to oranges. The difference between your current RCA setup and any mid-range receiver like the HK or Onkyo you listed will be like night and day. Believe me, as a former Technics owner I know. I used to listen to my amp and think, hmmmm...it really sounds good! Then I brought home a Denon Avr-1803 and realized the Technics sounded like crap! I'm a true believer that you get what you pay for and I think this case is no different. Go to your local AV store, pick up any mid range receiver (ie: Denon, HK, Onkyo) bring it home and just compare it to your RCA. Believe me when I tell you, you'll be using the RCA as nothing more than a DVD rack when youre done.

And dont forget, you'll need new speakers to go with that new amp....and a new dvd player.....oooh, and a new widescreen HDTV and, and..... ha, ha...

good luck bro,

let us know what you get!


The Athenas are unusually clean sounding, smooth and extended. I also have them connected to a Denon 1803 and I think you will be supprisingly please with speakers. I just noticed Best Buy sells them now.

Hope this helps.

Thank you guys for the quick responses. I really appreciate the feedback. I'll take and read as much as you guys can type. Maybe it'll help someone else as well.

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