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Well I don't have a lot of money so I am going for the best bang for my buck here. After some research I figured the Kenwood 6070 was the right choice but it is a little out of my proce range and can't be found anywhere locally (Philly). So which reciever should I get. I want it mainly in the living room for listening to music and DVDs. I really liked the THX certification on the Kenwood vr-6070, but besides that what is the difference between the 6070 and the 6060 (besides price)? Any other ideas for a receiver would be helpful. I am thinking around 250-350. As I am a poor grad student I was hoping this would last me awhile too maybe upgradable to a multiroom option if I want the music in the bedroom too. Also I am going to need some fairly decent speakers, however they also have to be best bang for the buck because I can't afford that much. Please help with your opinion's ~Web.

Craig McKerlie
Look at the Denon AVR-1803. You can get this for about $329 plus shipping. But it is an excellent 6.1 reciever, and will play you CDs and other music through all your speakers. Great Sound Reproduction as well.

Denon continues to provide the very best bang for the buck in my opinion.

Craig McKerlie
BTW.....go to for the best price on AVR-1803.
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