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Not knowing enough about receivers (well, not as much as some of you guys) I was wondering if you had any recommendations for receivers. I am looking for one that obviously has 5.1, and possibly 6.1. One that has component video inputs (at least 1 set) and a couple of s-video inputs would be good. $350 or less. Are Sony receivers any good? I've always enjoyed their televisions.

The primary use of this receiver will be for video games (xbox) and some concert dvds. I am a stickler for good sound, and with that being said-what speakers do you recommend? I have been looking at some Fluance. I don't want to spend over $350 for the speakers either. I already have a nice 150 watt Jensen subwoofer that came in a home theater system (the other speakers were just average, but the woofer is good!)

Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks!

At that price your are talking Pioneer and Kenwood for the receiver and Mission or Paradigm for a pair of speakers. If you were looking to spend $350 on 5 speakers you may be able to find some JBLs, smaller Energy, Now Hear This or Paradigms on sale but for the whole $700 you may as well buy a HTIB and run component directly to your TV.

Hope this helps.

For speakers I recomend Pro-Linear but thats is Canada only.For your reciever I would recomend Kenwood VR-707 or 7060. I have the older model(the amazingly popular 6070).If you wanna go the HTIB route I would look at the Kenwood HTB-505 100wx5 and good(for htib)speakers.it doesnt have component video switching but it does have what u need like dolby digital(for the x-box)and dts for a dvd player or a ps2 PLUS the new Pro-Logic 2 for cd's and video's. Whatever route you go they both have their benefits for more info on HTb-505 go here:

on the 707 go here:

Craig McKerlie
I do not agree with the recomendation of a Kenwood. They had their time in the late 70's and early 80's. Since then, they have not produced the same quality or accurate sound reproduction. In my opinion you can not get a better reciever than the Denon AVR-1803, it is 6.1 Reciever which sells for about $329 at www.hometheaterphiles.com, and will play your music through all your speakers as well. There are many more features. But check it out.

As far as speakers....go to a listening room in any audio store, and ask to listen to the different ones in your price range, with the bass and treble turned flat. The ones that sound best to you, are the ones you want. But try them on at least 2 different recievers and listen carefully. Again it is what you like that counts.
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