NAD T752 full of bugs


I bought my self a denon 1803, after 1 week i sell it because i didnt like how it sound, i replace it with a new NAD T752 and here is my experience.

After taking it out of the box, connected it to my speakers Wharfedale diamond 8.3, diamond center, diamond 8.1 and JBL PSW1200 sub. Connected it to my Pioneer DV 355 DVD player, Onkyo 6 Disk CD Changer, Samsung VHS player.

Turned it on, put my favorite CD and wow, the sound is great...put Blade 2 DTS-ES and the movie sound was excellent. The sound was really amazing until i discover the very many bugs in this unit that i cant live with.

1. Ticking sound at evry increase and decrease in volume.

2. Annoying alien like noise on analog connections, which can be easily heard when volume is at +2db.

3. The thump produce on my subwoofer everytime i turn on and turn off the nad(this doesnt happen in my previous denon 1803 and yamaha RXV520 so the sub issnt an issue)

4. The thump produced on all speakers when changing DSP's, can be easily heard when no source is playing and volume is +10db

5. Quick noise produce when Auto is enabled, everytime the the decoder switches from any DSP to DD or DTS, there is a very quick noise before the switch, then mute then back to normal. Can be easily tested when using the Audio button of DVD player in which u can toggle between 2 channel ,DD,DTS audio of a disk, then the NAD will automatically shift surround modes and that is where the quick noise appears.

6. SOmetimes no sound from the Center and surround channels when 1st turned on, need to turn off then turn on the unit again the second time around to get the center and surround working.

7. The VFL display suck, sometimes there are displays that is clear than the others like when the display is DVD, sometimes D is more clearer that VD, its not equal

8. Sudden increase in volume to +18 db, happens to me twice at midnight, i was watching DVD at -48 db after finishing to watch i decided to use the tuner my volume is still -48, then i pressed the tuner button on the remote then bangggggggggggggg...the sound is so loud i panicked, run to the NAD and quickly turn the volume knob on the front panel.. the volume starts to decrease from +18 db..

Its too bad..the NAD sound great but its just i cant live with this bugs...After 1 month of usage i returned the player to the store and replace it with the Harman Kardon AVR5500(HK AVR 520)...

Now im happy...

I have bought the t762, and i can say only 1 thing it is AMAZING

Yesterday I bought the T762. The Sound (Stereo and Movie) is amazing. But it has nearly the same Bugs.

Paul T
Hawk what do you think?? I was soo close to buying a NAD T752 or 742 for the Polk LSi's but now I'm feeling a bit leary.. I heard of problems with the T761-41 series but thought the bugs were out.... what's up here??

PS:Not trying to put you on the spot Hawk just value your opinion greatly!!!

Which is why I still can't decide between T752 & Marantz SR7300. From various posts, everyone seems to agree NAD has great sound but do I really want to put myself thru all these hassles & risk getting/troubleshooting/returning lemons???

Last week I brought up the point NADs are made in China but Marantz SR7300 still in Japan (their lower models are made in China however), but didn't get any meaningful answer whether that's still an important consideration these days.

I was looking at HK525 briefly (also made in China) but thought if a company has so many refurbs they actually have to create a separate model number HK525Z to unload their presumably fixed lemons, that's pretty darn sad & I for one will not encourage their lousy manufacturing/QA process by buying one.

"I was looking at HK525 briefly (also made in China) but thought if a company has so many refurbs they actually have to create a separate model number HK525Z to unload their presumably fixed lemons, that's pretty darn sad & I for one will not encourage their lousy manufacturing/QA process by buying one. "

Does having refurbs in the market imply poor quality?

No, not in terms of *SOUND* quality. And if you bought a refurb at great discount, good for you! But I bet you the guy who initially bought the lemon & did a few trips back to the store & kicked & sweared & pulled 1/2 his hair out isn't as happy as you are. That's not my point. Read my message again.

I recently bought about $2k worth of furniture from IKEA, but about 1/2 of it was damaged on delivery or had factory defects. It's been 4 weeks & I'm still waiting for an exchange, and all my belongings & clothings are still sitting on the floor.

I'm saying as a consumer I decided not to put up with these kind of practices. I consider T752 or HK525 as the entry level Lexus or BMW of the AVR market, so I do expect better manufacturing quality. When somebody put a QC Passed sticker on their product, doesn't it imply the unit is checked & passed by a trained quality control person? Or so we hoped? :)

What does QA or QC mean to you? I don't know what the acceptable DOA/lemon level is for audio equip, but to have so many such that you have to create a separate model number & find resellers to unload these fixed lemons, I bet you their manufacturing process needs work, and their current product return rate is high enough, if not pretty darn high.

When do the new NAD receivers come to market? What product model numbers will they be? 743, 753, 763?

Ooops its on theri website already. They have a 763 and 773. This is the 763.

I also have problems with T752. After two days of excitement the reciver lost some of OSD functions and control over rear 220V outlet. I left him at service (local distributor in Poland) - they could do nothing saying it is a software related problem and they couldn't do anything with service codes they knew. So they passed problem to NAD Canada - however NAD support has not been responding for couple of days already. Is there WindowsCE installed ? It is firsr so buggy receiver I came across and playing so great at once

John A.

There is an NAD T752 owner in Canada who had similar problems and got it fixed quickly:

It sounds like your unit has the same problem, something to do with the OSD chip. Maybe your two receivers are from the same production run.

"...NAD support has not been responding for couple of days already"

That is not good enough. It's your money. If the dealer can't, or won't, help you, go to the Polish distributor*. If he can't help you, go to the manufacturer**. You might wish to refer to this web forum. Demand some action. NAD will thank you for it, in the end. So will other people. When it's working, it's great receiver.

*Trimex SC
U1. Naleczuwska 31
02-922 Warszawa
Contact: Roman Gembarzewski
Tel: + (48) 22 642 4629
Fax: + (48) 22 842 8010


Many thanks for being so supportive. Trimex is the distributor where I left my receiver to be serviced. I will call them tomorrow (again) and if it does not work - I will go to NAD. And I will keep you informed at this forum, of course :)

John A.
Great. Good luck. I look forward to your update. Have a look at TCS's bulletins (link in my last post). He made a fuss and got real service. NAD is owned by a Canadian company, but these days I can't see why that should make any difference to customer support. The distributor needs competent local technicians and engineers, not a direct line to company headquarters.

Why do I need a password to look at the above website that previews the NAD T763? I would like to view it, but can't.

Are K
I been having similar problems with the t752. Tikking when turning volume up/down. Bang! when turning the reciver on. + crap sound. i've returned it to the store and they will check it out.
I'd think i buy (change to) an another type/tuner.


Wow! This is making me very nervous. I just bought a T 762 four weeks ago and have experienced similar DSP problems and extremely loud thumps when changing DSP modes. I wish I had read this forum before buying. And for those who say the sound is wonderful despite some shortcomings, what is the use if at any instance your speakers can blow out (or your heart) at +18 db! The first time it happenned it was so loud, I went outside thinking some truck or car has hit the house. Now I know. Tomorrow, I am taking it back to the dealer.

John A.
Of course, "the customer is always right", but I must say switching channels at +18 dB sounds like asking for trouble on any system. Are you quite sure you know what signal is waiting for you on the new channel....? That complaint is rather like saying you can't go round tight corners easily at full speed on a new motorcycle; the problem is not with the brand of motorcycle.

But, as with the play-delay glitch, no-one should buy and then be disappointed. This is one reason for insisting on a demonstation. Anyone should be able to find these things out for themselves before they decide to buy.

Any joy, yet, Marek?

Anon 2
The "Man" here who keep on recommending NAD now has to support you because he keeps on recommending NAD ever since.

My advice on you people when buying your "toys", make sure it is based on your own decision and not others'. At least when bug struck you like this NAD BUG, you have nothing to blame except youself.

Now ask that "Man" what to do. It's his advice anyway to get a NAD.


John A.
Anon 2

Absolutely. Always get a demonstration. Always make your own decision. This forum can tell you some things to look out for, which you may not otherwise consider.

Here is my status update on broken T752 receiver. I took three weeks in total (!) for the service (Trimex, PL) to finally announce that... they are not able to repair it.

Soon after I let you know about my problems I described them in a letter that I sent to NAD (including complaints for low service quality received from Trimex). Two days later Trimex called me and complained that that some of facts in my letter to NAD were not real or too exaggerated and so on... Nevertheless, from that moment they actually started to listen for what I was saying. They accelerated with the repair, ordered whole processor unit and some minor elements. It took a while as they mounted them and... it turned out that the OSD problem was still there. After next two days of struggle they gave up and tomorrow I am supposed to get new unit, as it gets through custom office clearance.
I hope this is the end of the story, but maybe it is just a first chapter...


I had a NAD760 after 3 years it was full of fouls so I send the reciever to repair after 18 weeks Hifiklubben exchanged it with a T761 DEMO, because the could not get parts from NAD and that on a 3 year old reciever !!!

And the Demo NAD 761 also doesent work proberly. I had to deassembled some kabels to get it work, I gess its some loos connections!!But I does not have 300 euros to spend on repair ones again!

The NAD sound good but the manufaturing quality is shi..........!!!


John A.

I hope your replacement has arrived and works OK. If Trimex, a distributor, complains to you, a dissatisfied customer, about your contacting the manufacturer, then there is an obvious conclusion, and it is not technical. I will save it to the end.

You should definitely refer Trimex and NAD to this forum, both this post and that of TCSmith.

"If you have a question please email"


You actually have a similar problem to Marek. PLEASE contact NAD and tell them what Hifiklubben told you. I do not believe there are no spares for a T760; it would be suicide for a manufacturer to write off a 3-year old model. If NAD has now adopted planned obsolescence with that time frame, it cannot believe it still makes quality products, we really should be told. The T760 became the T761 (with Prologic II) and then the T752; all three are much the same unit. I actually own a T760 and am delighted with it. Please let us know what they say. If you will be specific about the problems, then perhaps someone here can offer some informal advice. But I am sure the dealer did not try very hard, if at all, to get spares. 18 weeks is absurd, and totally unacceptable. See TCS's link (above) if you want to know about the sort of service you might get, and deserve.

"If you have a question please email"

Warning: rant.

Unfortunately, some distributors in some countries still regard a franchise as a nice gravy train with no attached responsibilities: they have secured a retail monopoly, and probably did not have to compete even for that. There care nothing for customers, manufacturers, OR for the economy of the country in which they have their turf. A lot of these guys will happily pocket a 25-30% mark-up for forwarding you an unopened box whose contents are a mystery to them, and, if there is a problem, they will pretend it is not their responsibility. More unfortunately, these guys are often protected by import duties payable by individuals but not by them: you do not even have the alternative of mail order. So prices stay high, service stays low, and a specialist manufacturer's work and investment in making a quality product is translated into consumer mistrust. Adam Smith understood all this, and had a nice book published in 1776 (a great year for other reasons). The Wealth of Nations. Recommended reading.

End of rant. Sorry, folks. Both Marek and Kaj touched one extremely raw nerve.

Hi all,

This site has been very informative to me...I am about to buy a T752 and at least I know what I am about to get into by reading all these constructive warnings. By the way it will be helpful for people to start putting their unit's manufacturing date with messages. At least by doing so, people will have some idea of when the frequency of problems rose during the production year. Perhaps we can convey that information to NAD if they care to know... We all can be a part of good consumer watchdogs.

By the way I am buying T752 because I fell in love with how it sounds despite all these known problems....

Here is another post I ran across today on different site Clearly early T752s must had some OSD board defects.


I know NAD sounds better..and i really like how it sound thats why i bought it in the 1st place. I auditioned Marantz, Denon and Onkyo but NAD gives me the sound i want.

Im from the Philippines, the probleme here is they only give u 1 year of warranty in parts and services and only 1 store sell NAD products.

NAD came here just about 3 months ago, so the T752 model is very new here in the philippines although in other countries they released it about early last year.

There are only 5 owners of NAD T752 including me, here in the philippines, i know coz i asked the store on how many has bought the T752, though many people here owns its older brother the T51 and the T61.

Out of the 5 owners, three of us returned our unit coz of Unit problems, though we encountered different problems, but the ticking and the noise problems in analog sources is evident in all our unit, including those unit that are still being sold.

I also dont mind of the ticking and the noise problems, but what worries me are the other propblems that i stated specially the one which suddenly increased my volume to +18.

Another thing is ,the two other owners also encountered the sudden increase of volume in which one owner destroyed his rear surround speaker the other his subwoofer. Its good wharfdales speakers didnt blow up, maybe because the wharfs is very hard to drive due to its very low sensitivity.

I think the models that they released here in the philippines have a very serious problems for them to temporarily stop the marketing of the T752 here.

Due to our complain with NAD, they let us bring back the unit and left us with this e-mail.

E-Mail From NAD:

"Sorry for the inconvenience that has been cause by the bug on the OSD of the NADT752.

Our product engineers has able to find-out recently the cause of this problem and will soon be fixing it. Momentarily we are not releasing T752 in the market. Like responsible manufacturers (ex. Toyota or Honda) we are going to solved the problem head-on. Please also don't see this as the whole product line-up problem, but a limited on this model.

In in as much as we would like to release worry free units, there are certain things that we cannot control due to situation varies a lot. Like any manufacturers, we would like to say again our apologies and thanks for your feedback.

I hope you understand that this is not how we do business and I hope your continue support to NAD."

John A.
Come on, AK, this is spam....

If you would like my serious response to that point, it is posted twice (my mistake), but on just one thread, here.

Hi All,
My story continues - as I got new T752 (Version C, firmware 1.06) unit as replacement for previous broken one, this time after I once have stored my settings to preset, I could not to do so any more... Subwoofer output is broken and sometimes my subwoofer falls asleep. It awakens after I reconnect the plug at T752 RCA socket. I am sure that the cable is OK, so there is something wrong with the T752 socket. And I was terrified last night: while I was listening at very low volume (-60 dB or so) the unit suddenly increased volume to +18 dB and I could not decrease it with the volume knob, so the only cure was green power button. Luckily, my speakers survived this as it lasted only for a couple of seconds - only my wife and child got awaken and probably neighbours as well...

So, next week I am promised to get another new unit, this time I will have a chance to test a few of them at distributor before I choose good one - I hope I can find one, though.

And I noticed that the unit was manufactured in China - this maybe can explain the quality, but it cannot be and excuse for NAD!!!

I will let you know how the new unit operates as I get it.



Come on, you are the same rotten poster at the AVS Forum where you go by the name Xander. You see, you have inconsistencies in your posting: like when you see say "wish me a good luck" as though you are still in the process of buying an NAD. But in other posts like that of above, you have already made the purchased. I noticed that your copy and paste post from AVS Forum was written May 2003. What's your point, dude?


John A.
Audio Economist:

I have seen AK's trick before, on other threads. It could just be that AK has just learned to copy and paste, and is having fun.

There was somone calling him/herself "Vicky B": see my post on October 09 on Seeking advice with AV receiver/amp & Speaker selection; I linked back there to some others.

These clowns leave you hanging with the impression the the whole brand is cr*p, they have given it the benefit of the doubt, but all models in the dealer are just as defective. They never identify themselves, and never post back, if challenged. I suppose the world will always have its share of sad losers who have no life and want to take others down with them.

Malek's point sounds serious, but the fraudulent posts make you wonder. This is what spam does. My dream reply to many e-mailers is "May your life, one day, truly depend on the goodwill of a stranger. May he or she have learned from you not to believe your request, and let you rot".

Marek, if you are serious, see my post of Oct 30, above. I referred your case and others to NAD , and had these replies prompty and recently from NAD support:

1. "Unfortunately, we are in the hands of our distributors, but every customers experiences may be different. Some of the postings in this particular chat
room are old and out of date, (May 2003), and we have fixes for the issues
that have been raised. Please be assure that NAD always looks after its
customers and our specs reflect the most honest view of power of any
manufacturer in the industry.

2. "When people experience problems with their
units, they are always best to contact us directly so that we may assist them. Of course, they don't always do so!"

Audio Economist, thanks also for turning off the caps!

Thanks, John A. - my posts are serious. I am either not lucky (so far), or the T752 have some real design level problems. I would not judge NAD definitively yet - I am still waiting to test some more T752 units - and will let you know as I promised.

By the way, in my recent post I forgot to mention that again rear switcher 220V AC outlet was not functional - it had the same problem as my first unit that I had already returned.


John A.
Thanks, Marek.

All you wrote rang true with me. Sorry I doubted you. This is what spammers do to us.

If I were you, I would e-mail NAD. Apart from anything else, they ought to be told about about Trimex. I predict NAD will take action on your behalf. I have read about the sudden volume increase on other posts. If a bad receiver can take out speakers and wake your family, too, it is serious. I wonder if anyone in the US has successfully sued for speaker damage.

Personally, I do not think "Made in China" has anything to do with it.


You have to insist on getting a unit with firmware v1.20! Swapping a million units that are at v1.06 will not help you. That's like switching a bad program with another bad program.

Your dealer should be able to get NAD to send a BIOS (a programmed chip) with the latest firmware. For T752 either v1.20 or v1.22 will work.

Firmware is the software program that controls a hardware unit (receiver, dvd player, computer printer or modem, etc etc). Every time problems or bugs are discovered & fixed, the manufacturer releases a new version & they increase the version number to signify which one is which. We know v1.20 is newer than v1.06, because from 1.06 it goes to 1.07, 1.08, 1.09, 1.10, etc.

The concept is just like getting a bug fix for your Microsoft Windows or Office or Internet Explorer. Get it?

Your dealer has identified it's a software bug (and from various forums we know v1.0x had ALOT of problems). Why are they giving you another v1.06? That would be a waste of time.

hi, i just discovered this forum, looks like there are quite a number of fellow nad users here. :-D

john: im also from the philippines and while i will not try to defend the other guys you were referring to, im afraid there's some truth to their tale.

the 5 or so guys (i believe the number has increased) then who got the defective t752s were full of praises in the local forums. that was until they experienced the problems that they referred to. next thing we knew, they got HK's (the nad dealer also carries HK, among other brands) as the replacements they were offerred were also defective. but there were some lucky owners as i still know two guys who have their t752s.

in my case, i got my T752 from china (i believe another guy got his from singapore)... and while i never experienced problems (such as theirs) during the first 8 months, im starting to notice some problems popping up. first, the AC outlet at the back refused to work all of a sudden, don't know why, don't know how, just kaput, no longer operational. the second one is rather strange, not sure if its a sw or a hw problem (nad tech suspects hw)-the center channel sometimes doesnt work, but itll come back on if i put it on standby and then turn it on again.

so far the above problems are not that serious, but i feel my enthusiasm for nad has waned a bit. i just hope nad gets it act together with regards to quality control, i understand its a bit tough to manage when manufacturing is outsourced, but nad's been doing from way, way back right?

John A.

Thanks. Look, you should contact NAD, too, and so should the other owners in the Philippines. They will thank you - they don't want unhappy NAD owners.

The location of the factory is irrelevant. They take your money; they are responsible for the quality of the product.

NAD started in the early 1980s as a British company of audiophiles and audio electronics specialists, who had the goal of giving the best possible sound at lower prices than the top names at that time. All their stuff was made in London. If they are now cruising on an ancient reputation to sell unreliable and low-quality gear to hifi snobs then they will die. But I really think they still deliver outstandingly high quality stuff for the money. With their policy they couldn't NOT go to China.

The reliability issue is serious, and they will want to address it if they have any sense. Just one dissatisfied customer should be enough to get action - it would have been in the 1980s. Give it a go. It is your right, and you will be helping everybody, including NAD.

john: thanks, im already corresponding with nad... so far the asian office im corresponding with are quite helpful but are sometimes illogical (long story). unfortunately i bought my unit overseas, i overlooked the fact that nad doesn't offer international warranty... oh well, still hoping it will work out in the end.

anyway, sure hope nad irons out the reliability issues soon. it sounds like theyve had a lot of grief with the Txx2 receivers than with their previous receivers. hopefully when im in the market again for a replacement in a couple of years, these sort of problems will be unheard of.

I am looking at buying a receiver and was considering the NAD 752. After reviewing the board I am a bit concerned. The system I am setting up is Paradigm Mini Monitors, CC370 and PS1000. I have looked at Denon 1803, Elite 43TX,Onkyo T601 and NAD 752. Does anyone recommend what I should be looking at for this system? The system will be used for surround sound and music.

john a: since you're a resident expert here on nad products, id like to ask you a question if you don't mind...

with regards to th T752 chip upgrades, does NAD in the US require the old chips back in return? i asked because NAD here in asia is asking for my old chips back, in exchange for the new ones they'll be sending me.


John A.

I don't know, sorry!


Gosh, I hope your name isn't literal!

To answer your question, the answer is yes, they do require the old chips back, so that they can keep track of how many of the old chips are still out there and to be sure that you got your upgrade.

john, hawk: thanks for the help guys!

luckily some friends are coming home for the holidays so they can bring me the chips and return the old ones as well.

im just thankful nad asia's been patient with me all this time, hehehe.

seeing that nad here's got quite a following, can we get a dedicated nad forum?

i dont think there's a dedicated nad forum anywhere

john, hawk: thanks for the help guys!

luckily some friends are coming home for the holidays so they can bring me the chips and return the old ones as well.

im just thankful nad asia's been patient with me all this time, hehehe.

seeing that nad here's got quite a following, can we get a dedicated nad forum?

i dont think there's a dedicated nad forum anywhere

As I promised, there is update on my problems with NAD T752. This time I have no reason to complain - new receiver I got is doing job well without any problems (firmware 1.22). Even more, there is noticably lower S/N ratio (measured just by ear at 0 dB volume). It seems to me that NAD released a series of buggy T752 receivers and then the problems were fixed. Thanks for help here - I think it is time for me to join happy NAD users club.

John A.

Thanks for reporting back. Surely you mean higher signal/noise.

Anyway, good luck. It is good to know your problem is sorted out.

Sorry for mistake - of course higher S/N, that means lower noise.

Hi folks:

I have been using my NAD T752 for a few months now without too much trouble, however, all this
time I have been using only two front speakers(these are two Vandersteen, Model 1's). Last
week, I got myself a sub (REL Q150), a center (DynAudio C122), and two rear speakers (DynAudio c42's). I hooked them up as per instructions. All was well all week.

Today, as I watching a movie with my family, I heard a loud pop, it wasnt a bang, just a loud pop, and the amp shut itself off, and the red light came on above the green power on button.

I have *no clue* what if anything I'm doing wrong. If I wait for 15mins and turn the amp on, it sometimes works well for another half hour or so and then it shuts off with the same pop sound.

Can any of you offer some advice?


- Pratap

Wish I could add something unconditionally positive to this thread, but regrettably I can't.

Bought a 752 about 3 weeks ago from Yawa (excellent customer service by the way), and it sounded very sweet out of the box. First I had trouble with soft clipping - the unit shut down at only modest volume (Pratap, yours doesn't sound like the same problem, but try switching off the soft clipping if you haven't already tried that).

Next, the receiver stopped taking rapid instructions from the remote - it took every 4th or 5th push of a button.

Then it stopped recognizing any digital inputs, and on analog, it would play only stereo but no other listening mode.

Yawa has been great all along, promply responding with advice, and I would rate their customer focus a A+. I don't mean this as a plug of Yawa, but I must say their response has been unusual in today's mass market.

That's my story. Certainly wish NAD would get it's reliabilty up to par.

With respect to playing stereo only, make sure you have the correct speaker assignment. I accidently turned the B speaker heading on and it would only play stereo until I realized my mistake.

NAD's are known for problems out of the box. Many of their U.S. dealerships are dropping them. That could have something to do with them being a Canadian company and Canada's loosey goosey immigrations laws and the prevalance of Islamic extremists in Canada.

So has anyone had a _good_ experience with a NAD a/v receiver?

Paul T
Having a great experience with my T752... Working flawlessly and lots of great music!

Brad C.
Yep I'm having a wonderful HT experience with my NAD T752...

The only minor complaint is i get a popping sound through my speakers if I shut off my dvd player with the volume on the T752 turned way up...

I generally just turn it lower and then shazaam ~ no pop... :)

Same here--great experience!

Ok, my turn. I bought the NAD T762 in mid-October from a stereo shop here in Thunder Bay. Thunde Bay has no NAD dealers but this shop called NAD to see if i could get one through them and sure enough, 10 days later we had our receiver. Great sound (i've had a NAD amp/preamp combo for a long time and loved the NAD sound.

However after a few weeks of using the T762 it would just shut itself off. I checked and rechecked my connections and could not find a ground issue but it still kept happening with increasing frequency. At the time of shut off it was not being driven hard as we were actually either watching hockey in Enhanced ST 1 mode or listening to music at low to moderate volume.

I called the stereo shop where i got it from and they called NAD and explained the situation. NAD wanted me to bring the receiver in to the shop, let them set it up and see if it did the same thing. It did. I wa told by NAD to send it back to them and they would ship me a new unit and i should have the new one within several business days. That was 2 weeks ago and still no receiver. Yesterday I called the stereo shop and asked what was up. I was told that he sould contact NAD right away then call me back. Well, according to
NAD they are out of stock on the T762 but never communicated this to my shop so all this time i've been expecting to get our replacement receiver when they have none to send.

This is not an acceptable level of customer service in my opinion. NAD has been testing my receiver and it has not shut off with them. So here i am, out $2100 CDN for this thing, have no receiver and they are unable to ship me a new one.

I told the stereo shop that i'm dealing with to either send me the T763 or please give me my money back. My stereo shop has bent over backwards to accomodate me with this purchase especially considering they are not even an authorized dealer (they used to be years ago).

I feel like NAD is giving me the run around and am close to pulling the p;lug on them and looking for another receiver. We'll see.

Has anyone had any experiences with Yamaha receivers? If so please let me know your impressions as we are considering a higher-end Yamaha and dumping NAD.


I had a Yamaha previous to my NAD 762 and had nothing but trouble with it. Cost $599 to start, had to repair the left surround channel a year later which cost another $250, and two years after that, it broke again. Rather than replace another piece on this machine, I went out and bought an NAD 762 from the advice on this board. It has been 3 months and has worked flawlessly on a lot of use. I would not buy another Yamaha. Contact NAD again and demand another machine or a full refund.

T762 Update:
Well, as per my above post, NAD will be shipping me a brand new T763 to replace the T762 at no extra cost(it's about $100 more). According to NAD they will be shipping it to my dealer this coming Monday so i'll keep you all posted on the performance of the T763. I am certainly hoping that any bugs related to the T7x2 series have been resolved and i get great performance and trouble free listening pleasure.

Thanks to NAD for taking care of me, a once unhappy customer.


You might be getting a "Beta" version of the T763. I hope it works out for you. I'm sitting on the fence till the masses absorb the first run units.

Well I have to say seeing this thread is a bit of a surprise to me. I've had a T760 for about 3 years now, and haven't had any serious problems. The only issues I've had are minor, like turning up the bass tone control in DD/DTS mode will elicit a small whistling sound from the front speakers. However, the sound is perfect without the tone controls so it's not an problem for me at all. Other than that I haven't had any malfunctions what so ever. Now the only irritating thing is the lack of sub management features, and no sub out signal in stereo mode. However that is easily solved by using the front pre-outs.

Other than that my T760 has been great.

John A.

I have been basing recommendations here on my experience of a T760, too. It is the predecessor of the T752. It sounds great in stereo, but I now have an intermittent problem with hum in all surround modes.
I wonder if you have any ideas.

Well, I was seriously considering a T773, but after reading all the negative posts...NO WAY!

I don't doubt that the NAD receivers sound great, but there has to be some level of reliabilty and as it appears here that level is very, very, low.

I've had a Yamaha RX-V1070(Pro Logic) for 8 years and I am just now having trouble with a video jack on the front and one of the center channels. It has been used virtually every day because it's connected to the main household TV. The v1070 was the receiver to have back then per Home Theater magazine and it has ROCKED from day 1! Now that's reliabilty!

I decided to change from Yamaha only because it's connected to NHT's and it has sounded bright the past 8 years. I learned after I had purchased the speakers that they were considered a "bright sounding" speaker and Yamahas are notorious for sounding bright. Nevertheless, it has always been there when I needed it, unlike the the NAD's, per some folks here.

Now, I guess I'm back to Pioneer Elite Vsx-49txi or the Yamaha RX-Z1. Any suggestions?? Remember the receiver will be connected to NHT's.

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Hellooooooo! Should I be concerned about the NAD quality issues?

I know a few of you have said the Yamaha power supplies are weak. Do you think this will be the case with the RX-V3300, RX-Z1 & Rx-Z9? I really would like to try something other than Yamaha, if it sounds good.

Currently, I still have the NHT's I purchased when I got my Yam 8 years ago. I have the VT-1A's with the audio/video crossover switch on the front, Super Zeros for the center and surrounds. I also, have the NHT 80 watt powered sub, I've forgotten the model number. I may replace my fronts and center, I heard the new NHT towers with the side woofer and sounded great while being connected to a Elite 53tx.

I am trying to make a purchase, but the more I read the more indecisive I become. One day it's Yamaha, the next it's Elite, the next it's NAD...AHHHHHHHH!

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Hi all,
I have been kicking around in the A/V market for 30+ years. NAD has always made primo sounding products, but build quality has ALWAYS
been quirky. I had one NAD cd player that was in the shop every other week. When NAD gear is working it's sound cant be beat. Too bad-it kind of reminds me of my old first generation PROTON tv-buts thats a different subjects. So I think you either live with the NAD quirks, or move on to other brands.
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