Sony DB790 or Denon AVR-1803 ?



I need help in choosing a receiver. I have to choose between the new Sony STR-DB790 (QS series, S-Master amplification) and the Denon AVR-1803. Which one is best for music?



The Sony B series is their mid grade stuff and not too bad. They have similar quality to the A series (Sony ES) but without the 5 year warranty. I find the Sonys a little complex in setup and use. A bit about the S-master amplification, all of the previous digital amlpifiers that sony has released, including the current ES pieces, have a much higher Total Harmonic Distortion. Check the specs on this one and compare to the Denons <.08% THD. Also there seems to be a greater chance of defects with the sonys but maybe that is just my perception. The Denon has multi-room/multi-source although you get mono in the second room. Let me know what you choose and how it works out. Also, where did you see the str-db790. A search on google only got one hit.

Olá Miguel! :)

You can see the Db790 at Sony's austric site -

I don't know about the DB790 THD... The DB780 has 0.09% but without S-Master amplification. The 790 is the replacement of the 780.

How different is the Denon sound from the Sony's?

all previous recievers with s-master amps had alot more THD. Denon recievers are smoother sounding and are easier in setup and use.

Miguel, are you portuguese? You have a portuguese name. :)

How do you think Sony DB790 compare to Marantz SR4300 in music?

Thank you,


Sean Johnson
The THD of the 790 (sony) is 0.7%. And the sound my friends is extremely sweet. And thats running through six optimus (RCA) speakers and a sony sub.

THD specs is measured at a specific voltage output, almost at maximum, so why even bother about so small differences. I have only listened to digital amplification in a TacT millenium & sony mini hifi system & the technique seems extremely promising for the future!

Dude stay away from Sony! Their receivers SUCK BIGTIME!!!!! Honestly go with the Yamaha RX-V540 or the Yamaha RX-V640, they are better for music and movies!! Or you can go to the Denon AVR-1804 as well!

There is a up to 500 Eur receiver test in september issue of German Video (, to read it you have to buy a paper edition I'm afraid) where STR-DB790 is a clear winner also in sound test (Yamaha's 540 got a couple points less for sound).

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