Help with VCR/CABLE/RECIEVER Connections


I have a question regarding VCR/CABLETV/RECIEVER connections.
On Onkyo website various connection diagrams are shown.
For Connection between VCR and Reciever they have shown that the A/V out from vcr goes to A/V in on the reciever(Video1). But also A/v out from reciever(Video1) goes back to the VCR A/V in.

Can somebody please explain why the connections from the reciver out need to the VCR in need to be made.

Also for connections between Cable box and Reciever . They have shown A/v out from cable box to A/v in on the reciever(Video2).

I done understand how will I be able to record TV programs on my VCR if I use these connections.

See my two long posts in "Home Video: DVD Players: DVD to VCR to TV to Stereo hook up".
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