Onkyo 800 with Polk RM6600??


Hey, Can you guys give me some advice? I currently am looking to upgrade my reciever from a Onkyo 575X to an more high end 7.1 system. I am torn between the Onkyo 800, HK 525, and Denon 2803, but am leaning toward the Onkyo right now. I currently have the Polk 6600 sat system. My concern is that the Onkyo 800 outputs 100 W/ch of power into 8ohms (which the 6600s are) in surround mode. Dynamic power is listed as 135 W/ch. In stereo mode I believe the power is also 135 W/ch to the front left and right speakers. The 6600s are listed as being able to handle a max of 125 watts. Will the 800 blow my speakers?? When is the dynamic considered and what if I play the reciever in stereo mode?? Also, if you guys know of any stores that will buy used equipment at good prices, please let me know.

You are not going to blow speakers because of too much power. The only thing you may do with too much power is fuze the voice coil and if you get close to doing that then you are pushing the speakers beyond what they are meant to do. Having a less powerfull amp in that situation would not have helped you. Now having said that you should know that those speakers just don't need that little bit of extra power. It takes 2 times the power just to get a 3 decibel boost in volume. All the recievers in this list are good but I really like the Denon. My suggestion is look for the features you like and pick that one.
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