Please help me with selecting a receiver for under $1K for my Paradigm


I've been looking around and reading so many reviews, now I'm very confused. Here is what I have, Paradigm Reference series speakers setup with the 15" Sub....I need a resonable powerd receiver under $1K. This is for Movie and Music 50/50. I've been looking at the HK8000 but it's bit old and big ? May be the Onkyo SR800 ?

can someone please help...

I don't have much experience with paradign speakers, but I have the HK525 set-up with mirage, which are also Canadian. I use them 50/50 music and HT and I love it.

Hope this help

The Yamaha RXV2300 is a powerhouse for $900 or if you can find an rxv3300 within your price range even better.

Go for the Pioneer TX43 or TX45. An awsome machine!

Thanks for the replies folks.

After reading all the reviews and post, I've came down to two of them, HK avr 525 and the Onkyo SR 800.

Any take on this...

What possibly could have led to this decision? The HK's have noteable reliability issues.

The Onkyo is bested in sound quality by Yamaha and Denon products.

Frankly, the absolute best thing you could do is find a high-quality used B&K 202, or an Arcam. Both will sound significantly better than any of the other products mentioned.

Mark Dickerson

I recently had the opportunity to hear a demonstration of several receivers through paradigm speakers. The dealer was pretty cool, taking the attitude that everyone had their own preferences and that there is no right or wrong choice--everyone hears differently and it is all about what you as a customer prefer. He demo'ed a H/K 525, NAD 742, Onkyo 700 and a Denon 2802. Each receiver was matched on volume, source material, and format. The least powerful of the group, the 50 wpc NAD was the clear winner, providing far better resolution of demanding soundtracks. The orchestra's strings were very real sounding in the Lord of the Rings DVD, there was no "chestiness" to the male voices, and no edge to female voices. It was very real and very convincing. The H/K was second--its sound was warmer, but a touch fuzzier. Not a bad thing really, but not as satisfying to me as the NAD.

The Onkyo and the Denon both sounded thinner and had a little edge to them in the female voices. The strings of the orchestra were not convincing after hearing the other two receivers. They were both much fuzzier than either the NAD or the H/K. Therefore, if you are down to only the H/K or the Onkyo, my ears tell me that the H/K is the clear winner.

I have also heard the Yamahas at another dealer. The sound was very good, but tended to run out of gas on complex soundtracks. I am told that the top of the line doesn't have this problem, but I don't have two large plus to spend.

I would wholeheartedly endorse the H/K, but compared to the NAD it still sounded like a receiver (although much higher quality than the other brands). On the other hand, I thought the NAD sounded like high quality separates. I can't wait to hear the 752 and 762 (when the dealer gets them in).

I am mighty impressed with the Paradigm speakers, but if you want to get the best sound, I recommend that you check out the NAD. I am still waiting to hear a Marantz, but the NAD is where I am leaning. Whatever you decide, I am sure you will enjoy it once you get it. I haven't purchased audio electronics in 15 years and I am still in awe at the sound that these things can generate.

Whats up with every body dissing other peoples choices then saying their favorite brands are the best?(the two i see most is Denon'n'Onkyo)
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