Digital reciever shuts off when sound gets loud


I have a problem with my new Sony digital receiver. Whenever the sound on the movie gets loud it shuts off and flashes "protect" on the screen. This also happened when I use my Awia stero system. I am playing a DVD on my DVD player, and the sound goes through my VCR, and then to the digital receiver where it is decoded and sent to the speakers. The same thing also happens if I am watching a movie on the VCR. I don't think it is a problem with the digital receiver since it does the same thing with both the Awia and the Sony. Is the VCR/DVD sending a signal that the receiver can't handle? Are my speaker wires not cable of handling the output of the system? Can anyone help?

Big pete
I had a similar problem with my kenwood receiver... when ever the music was turned up to loud the receiver would shut down. I found that by increasing the impedance of the speakers (by adding more in series) the problem was cured!

Adding another speaker to the same speaker output will actualy cause the receiver to shut off sooner. Here are some reasons a receiver will do this:

-the two wires that run down the length of a speaker have 'shorted out' because:
a. they are touching eachother at the back of the speaker, could be a stray strand of wire
b. they are touching eachother at the back of the receiver, could be a stray strand of wire
c. the wire is frayed because they are run under carpet that people walk over frequently
d. two speaker cables were spliced together because one length of speaker cable was not long enough, and now they are toughing at the point they were spliced at because they were not insulted from eachother with electrical tape

other resons could be:
-you are turning the volume up too high

-one or more speakers are partially blown, because the voice coil heated up, causing the glue to melt and the wires in the coil to touch or "short out" probably from turning the volume of the receiver too high

-you have more that one speaker connected to a single speaker output (only one speaker per output should be connected)

-you are using 4 or 2 ohm speakers when you should be using 8 ohm speakers

-you are using a two or three way speaker cabinet that as one or more 15 inch or 12 inch woofers, and you are turning the volume too high when the receiver may have been designed for 6 inch speakers.

-there is something connected to the power outlet on the back of the receiver such as a TV, or sub woofer, and it is drawing too much currant from the receiver's power supply.

-there is something very wrong with the receiver and it needs to go to a service center.

-the sound from a DVD movie is too dynamic, you must turn the compression ratio higher in the menus of the DVD player

-the receiver has overheated

-you are turning the volume up too high
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