Music Hall 25.2 series


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I have read a number of reviews, all good, about the Music Hall A25.2, CD25.2 and T25.2 (amp, cd player & tuner) but have not had the oppurtunutiy to listen to the equipment myself. Has anyone heard any of the pieces? If so, what are your thoughts? And what kind of speakers were attached to the amp? Thanks.

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Many Music Hall products sound good. Those that you mention are patrticularly nice. The problem with Music Hall appears to be reliability. I know 2 dealers who won't won't carry that line anymore because of it. That said they both agree that the 25.2 products are the best that Music Hall produces and the most reliable.

I feel that they have a very good price to performance ratio. Have a listen and see what you think.

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Thanks for the feed back, Art. I had read in several places that the Maverick SACD was slow starting up, once a disc was inserted. But the problem was quickly resolved. The local sound shop, that sells Music Hall, has been carrying Roy's equipment since he started the company. Never had an item returned. He had the 25.2 cd player and a Mambo amp - sounded tremendous - but didn't have a 25.2 amp to audition. I'm really curious wha tspeakers other folks are driving with this amp.
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